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Check registry for installed software

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need to check if office is installed before script go on.

Made this, and works for other software :

$f_go = 0
; check if ghostscript is installed
    For $i= 1 to 1000
        $var = RegEnumKey("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE", $i)
        If @error <> 0 then ExitLoop
        $result = StringInStr($var, "Ghostscript")
        if $result > 0 Then
;~      MsgBox(0, "Ghostscript Found !", "Ghostscript is installed on your system")
            ToolTip("Find Ghostscript on your system, go on...", 0, 0)
            ToolTip("", 0, 0)
            $f_go = 1

Now i see that office, with its different versions, has different entries in registry.

There is a sure way to understand if office is installed for sure ?

thank you for help,


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_SoftwareList() return a two dimensional array with all installed software name and version.

_SoftwareList('Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003') return a two dimensional array with the software name and version if Office 2003 is installed otherwise return NULL.

#include <Array.au3>

$oMyError = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "MyErrFunc")

$List = _SoftwareList()

$List = _SoftwareList('Microsoft Office Professional Edition 200')

Func _SoftwareList($sSoftwareName = '')
    Dim $aSoftwareList[1][2]
    $objInstaller = ObjCreate('WindowsInstaller.Installer')

    $Products = $objInstaller.Products
    For $Product In $Products
        If $sSoftwareName <> '' And $sSoftwareName <> $objInstaller.ProductInfo($Product, 'ProductName') Then ContinueLoop
        ReDim $aSoftwareList[UBound($aSoftwareList) + 1][2]
        $aSoftwareList[UBound($aSoftwareList) - 1][0] = $objInstaller.ProductInfo($Product, 'ProductName')
        $aSoftwareList[UBound($aSoftwareList) - 1][1] = $objInstaller.ProductInfo($Product, 'VersionString')
    $aSoftwareList[0][0] = UBound($aSoftwareList) - 1
    If $aSoftwareList[0][0] = 0 Then $aSoftwareList = ''
    Return ($aSoftwareList)
EndFunc  ;==>_SoftwareList

Func MyErrFunc()
    $HexNumber = Hex($oMyError.number, 8)
    ConsoleWrite("We intercepted a COM Error !" & @CRLF & _
            "Number is: " & $HexNumber & @CRLF & _
            "Windescription is: " & $oMyError.windescription)

    SetError(1); something to check for when this function returns
EndFunc  ;==>MyErrFunc

AutoIt Scripts:NetPrinter - Network Printer UtilityRobocopyGUI - GUI interface for M$ robocopy command line

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