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First dll call

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Hi I have never made a dll call... and I would like to start with this dll I was hoping someone could help me out of this predicament...


CreateDesktopW (Unicode) and CreateDesktopA (ANSI)

the autoit help doesnt make sense to me...

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Dim $tBuff = DllStructCreate('wchar[' & StringLen('Text') & '];wchar[' & StringLen('String') & ']')
 DllStructSetData($tBuff, 1, 'Text')
 DllStructSetData($tBuff, 2, 'String')

Dim $Ret = DllCall('user32.dll', 'ptr', 'CreateDesktopW', 'wstr', DllStructGetPtr($tBuff, 1), 'wstr', _
             DllStructGetPtr($tBuff, 2), 'uint', 1, 'uint', 1, 'ptr', 0)

The ANSI version is simpler, just use 'str' as the type and pass the string or it's pointer what ever you like.

Edit: Stupid mistake, remove the string concatenation operator '&' in the dll call. Use only the underscore instead.

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