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How to handle toolbar button

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A small handy function to encapsulate handling the toolbar buttons a little easier


#include <GuiToolbar.au3>

$IEWindow = "[REGEXPTITLE:Internet Explorer; INSTANCE:1]"
$GotoButton  = "[CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:4; CommandID:100]"

_HandleToolBarButton($IEWindow, $GotoButton, "CLICK")
;_HandleToolBarButton($IEWindow, "[CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:4; CommandID:100]", "CLICK")

;Specific function to handle toolbarwindow32 or compatible toolbars
func _HandleToolbarButton($g_wndDescription, $g_objDescription, $g_objValue)
;local $x, $cmdID, $tbWndDescription
    $x=stringinstr($g_objDescription,";", 0 ,2); Get the location of second semicolon /;
    $tbWndDescription = stringleft($g_objDescription,$x-1) & "]"; Get the actual AutoIt TB Description
    $cmdID = stringmid($g_objdescription,stringinstr($g_objDescription,"CommandID:")+stringlen("CommandID:"))
    $cmdID= stringleft($cmdID,stringlen($cmdId)-1)
    $tbHandle = controlgethandle($g_wndDescription,"",$tbWndDescription);Get the toolbar handle
    $aRect = _GUICtrlToolbar_GetButtonRect ($tbHandle, $cmdID)        ;Get its rectangle (relative position)
;If the action is to click
                if $g_objValue = "CLICK" Then
                              ;find the location of the toolbar
        $pos=controlgetpos($g_wndDescription,"", $tbWndDescription); Get the toolbar location
;Add the location of the button
        mousemove($pos[0]+$aRect[0]+(($aRect[2]-$aRect[0])/2),$pos[1]+$arect[1]+(($aRect[3]-$aRect[1])/2),0) ;Move the mouse to the toolbarlocation and to right control

;Don't click with below functions as it will click on disabled buttons
;       ControlFocus($$g_wndDescription, "", $c)
;       ControlClick($g_wndDescription, "", $tbHandle, "left",1, $aRect[0], 5)


Edit 24/02: Fixed the problems reported in the example

Edited by junkew

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C:\INCLUDE\test.au3(15,51) : WARNING: $g_wndDescription: possibly used before declaration.
    $tbHandle = controlgethandle($g_wndDescription,
C:\INCLUDE\test.au3(15,51) : ERROR: $g_wndDescription: undeclared global variable.
    $tbHandle = controlgethandle($g_wndDescription,
C:\INCLUDE\test.au3(16,62) : ERROR: _GUICtrlToolbar_GetButtonRect(): undefined function.
    $aRect = _GUICtrlToolbar_GetButtonRect ($tbHandle, $cmdID)
C:\INCLUDE\test.au3 - 2 error(s), 1 warning(s)
!>08:03:26 AU3Check ended.rc:2
+>08:03:27 AutoIt3Wrapper Finished
>Exit code: 0    Time: 1.468

source code is missing :)

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