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Getting number of files in a directory

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Hi all,

I'm a newbie to this tool and to this site; I found it yesterday night after very long and frustrating time trying to make something work; guys this tool is AMAZING!!! honestly I did not believe anything as good exists, and moreover, free. Once I get my project done I'll find out about the developers and contribute both time and money if needed. Anyway todya is my first day without mami in this classroom; so forgive me for my possibly stupid question.

Is there an easy way to find the number of files of certain type in a directory? while writing this post I'm realizing that I can loop over the files first, and keep the counter for my "real" loop that needs this number. But I was hoping there is something like getFilesCount("c:\bla\*.wav") or something like that.

BTW the reason I need this is becuase for some reason the last iteration on the while(1) loop is not executed, so I figured out I can just call the required logic one more time aftre the loop. Hey there may be a quick fix to what I'm experianceing but I could not find it ...

Thanks much, great work!!


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Maybe you can create a hidden window or make a window & hide it like really fast. Dunno just an idea. just change ur folder name those classes are always same

ShellExecute('D:\My Temp folder')

WinWait('My Temp folder')

WinSetState("My Temp folder", "", @SW_HIDE)

$class = 'msctls_statusbar32'
$e = ControlGetText('My Temp folder', "", $class & "1" )    ; localisation

WinSetState("My Temp folder", "", @SW_SHOW)

ConsoleWrite($e & @CRLF)

My Projects:[list][*]Guide - ytube step by step tut for reading memory with autoitscript + samples[*]WinHide - tool to show hide windows, Skinned With GDI+[*]Virtualdub batch job list maker - Batch Process all files with same settings[*]Exp calc - Exp calculator for online games[*]Automated Microsoft SQL Server 2000 installer[*]Image sorter helper for IrfanView - 1 click opens img & move ur mouse to close opened img[/list]

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First off it's "While 1" not "While(1)"

Sorry, you got me there... You were right... :P

Your looking for this I believe...

_FileListToArray() Lists files and\or folders in a specified path (Similar to using Dir with the /B Switch)

#Include <File.au3>
$Directory = @ScriptDir  ; Dir to check for files
$FileList = _FileListToArray($Directory, "*.wav", 1) ; The *.Wav is a filter... So It will only return WAV files...
MsgBox(0,"There are...",$FileList[0] & " WAV files were found in " & $Directory)

Look that function up, and you will have everything you need.

DirGetSize() Will return a perfect count of files in a Directory, but does not support a filter, such as *.wav

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Check out the extended mode of DirGetSize() in the help file.

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