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Simple little ToolTip issue... [RESOLVED]

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I'm using the following in a loop...

If Not WinExists("Temp: " & $Temp & @CRLF & "Usage: " & $Usage) Then
    ToolTip("Temp: " & $Temp & @CRLF & "Usage: " & $Usage & "%",$MousePos[0]+25,$MousePos[1]+10,"CPU Info")
    WinMove("Temp: " & $Temp & @CRLF & "Usage: " & $Usage & "%","",$MousePos[0]+25,$MousePos[1]+10)

That helps cut down on the flickering of the ToolTip, if the correct values already exist it doesn't redraw the ToolTip, which just makes me want to have a seizure...

Is there a better way? I've been trying to find a custom-style ToolTip on the forums, but can't dig anything up... Not to mention, the above code 'blinks' for just a millisecond where the ToolTip was like 2 seconds ago... A very odd timing issue, but I almost prefer that over the seizure causing ToolTip with the 400 blinks a second... :P

I'm also open to not using a ToolTip at all, but it was the best delivery method I found at the time, for displaying such information that follows your mouse.

I really hate not being able to delete my own topics....

The answer lies here for this searchers out there who pull my useless topic... lol


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