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Automating Free DVD to ISO v1.2

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Hi everyone!

I'm trying out AutoIt3 because I thought it would be fun to automate the installs of my most used programs, but it' not as easy as I thought.

I'm a programmer for a living, so I'm not really a beginner, but I seem to be missing something here...

I checked the notepad example and it worked like a charm with me, I modified it a bit and it all worked great.

However, when I tried the Winzip example on one of my own installers (Free DVD to ISO), I could only automate the first screen.

The second screen is an installer screen with a parent screen with a background image and a label and a child control where you have the Next/Cancel buttons.

This is what I have up to now:

ControlClick("Setup","This will install Free DVD ISO Maker (by minidvdsoft). Do you wish to continue?", "Button1")
ControlClick("Setup","Welcome to the Free DVD ISO Maker (by minidvdsoft) Setup Wizard", "TNewButton1")

As I said, the first click works, but the second one doesn't do anything.

The script exits though.

I also tried an endless while loop with Send({ENTER}) but it sended enters everywhere, in every one of my apps except the installer!

Does anyone have an idea?

I can't get other installers to work either so I clearly must be doing something wrong, I couldn't find any information in the help files about my problem though.

Please help,


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well your script works for me :P

try like this to see if itl work with no text on ControlClick

ControlClick("[CLASS:#32770]","", "Button1")
    ControlFocus ("CLASS:TWizardForm", "", "TNewButton1" )
Until ControlGetFocus("[CLASS:TWizardForm]") = "TNewButton1"
ControlClick("[CLASS:TWizardForm]","", "TNewButton1")

you can get CLASS name with autoit info tool.

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Au3impact - Another 3D DLL game engine for autoit. (3impact 3Drad related)

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Thank you so much!

I was really getting frustrated :D



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