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Translating AutoIt to Delphi - Problem!

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So, I've seen the material following this LINK:


and the Module can be seen here: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...st&id=22855

Now, I have to translate the "_SendData"-Function to Delphi-Code.

Here the original Func:

Func _SendData($vData,$ReceiverTitle)
    Local $strLen,$CDString,$vs_cds,$pCDString,$pStruct,$hwndRec
    If StringLen($ReceiverTitle) = 0 then Return SetError(1,1,0);Make sure the user has specified a title
    $ReceiverTitle&= $MHAdditionalIdentifier
    $strLen = StringLen($vData)
    $CDString = DllStructCreate("char var1[" & $strLen +1 & "]");the array to hold the string we are sending
    $pCDString = DllStructGetPtr($CDString);the pointer to the string
    $vs_cds = DllStructCreate($StructDef_COPYDATA);create the message struct
    DllStructSetData($vs_cds,"count",$strLen + 1);tell the receiver the length of the string +1
    DllStructSetData($vs_cds,"pointer",$pCDString);the pointer to the string

    $pStruct = DllStructGetPtr($vs_cds)
    $hwndRec = WinGetHandle($ReceiverTitle)
    If $hwndRec = "" then 
        $vs_cds = 0;free the struct
        $CDString = 0;free the struct
        Return SetError(1,2,0)

    DllCall("user32.dll", "lparam", "SendMessage", "hwnd", $hwndRec, "int", $WM_COPYDATA_MH, "wparam", 0, "lparam", $pStruct)
    If @error then 
        $vs_cds = 0;free the struct
        $CDString = 0;free the struct
        return SetError(1, 3, 0) ;return 0 no data sent
    $vs_cds = 0;free the struct
    $CDString = 0;free the struct
    Return $strLen 

Can someone please help me?

Thx in advance,

The LDer

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