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Func _CSG()
    $MPos = MouseGetPos()
    $CSG_hex = PixelChecksum($MPos[0], $MPos[1], $MPos[0] & + 5, $MPos[1] & + 5)
    $CSG_dec = Dec($CSG_hex)
    MsgBox(0, "Retrived", $CSG_dec, 5)
EndFunc ;==>_CSG

I have a feeling its the hex var thats the problem, all it gives me is 0 ^_^ Ideas?

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Take a look at this part:

$MPos[0] & + 5, $MPos[1] & + 5

So fi $MPos[0] is equal to say 10, its going to be 105. You want it to be $MPos[0] + 5, so remove the & symbol.

$CSG_HEX is returning sucessfully, so your problem lie with converting it to decimal, which I'm not sure why you want to do. It returns a checksum of the current region. What is your end outcome with this?



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