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winsock udp

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When using this script below the _TCP_DataArrival gets triggered every time but the GetData($data) never returns the data that is being recv'ed

as a server i used

nc -lup 5500 (linux)
and i wrote the data by hand ^_^

any ideea why this is happening?

btw: not sure if it is related but i got the same behavior with the adodb.execute : $obj.execute("query text" , byref $rowsaffected) and $rowsaffected was never changed... (is it possible it's a bug?)

Global $_Socket = ObjCreate("MSWINSOCK.WINSOCK")
Global $data
While TimerDiff($timer)<10000
;   $_Socket.GetData($data)
;   If $data<>"" Then MsgBox(0 , "" , $data)
Func _TCP_DataArrival($bytes)
    Local $data,$host
    MsgBox(0 , $host , "|"&$data&"|",1)
Func _TCP_Error($Number,$Descr,$Scode,$Source,$Helpfile,$HelpContext,$CancelDisplay)
    MsgBox(0 , "" , StringFormat("%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n",$Number,$Descr,$Scode,$Source,$Helpfile,$HelpContext,$CancelDisplay))
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