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REG_BINARY : the change that killed me...

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with autoit v3.3.0.0, this change happens:

Changed: RegRead() and RegWrite() no longer use hex strings for REG_BINARY types - native binary datatypes are enforced.

Minor change, big effects.

ok for regwrite, it's easy to scan source code and replace for example : regwrite(....,"REG_BINARY","0010002") with


But for regread, how to be sure to make all changes that are needed ? scanning all regread order... and then ? guess that it retrieves binary ? and what happens if you have not the registry entry on the PC you are using for writing autoit source code ?

and the adaptation will look sooo fun: something like :

regread("key","value") ---> stringmid(string(regread("key","value")),2) (I'm even not sure this is good)

And this minor change is for what ?? who knows.... :)

I like Autoit... yes, really a good tool.

But sometimes, I hate it... guess why...

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Just Hex is enough :)


$value = Hex(RegRead("KEY", "VALUE"))
$value = RegRead("KEY", "VALUE")
If @extended==3 Then $value = Hex($value) ; for Binary data, @extended is 3
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Just Hex is enough :party:

Thanks progAndy. You saved my day :)


I still have to scan all my regread orders, but now, it will be more convenient to do the changes.

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