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Func _GetIP() issues and improvements

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The current _GetIP() function found in Inet.au3 uses

checkip.dyndns.org and whatismyip.com

You will find that the "whatismyip.com" lookup will always fail.

The _GetIPx() function I have provided proves that it never works.

I have also provided an improved function called _GetIP2().

It makes of a more reliable ip lookup service provided by

"akamai.com" by default.

It also has the option to specify various other sources.

Examples are provided.

- HM2K


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First I got this error:

Warning: No permission to change ticket fields.

Then I got this error:

Submission rejected as potential spam (Maximum number of posts per hour for this IP exceeded)


So I decided to post my reply here:

The one in 3.3.0 is not OK. I do have the official version of Inet.au3, it DOES NOT contain any special "scanning" for the failing one, it simply fails.

Of course it's an improvement. It's way more flexible and uses a way more reliable source by default.

As I said, the current version only works because "checkip.dyndns.org" works. If that failed, then the backup "whatismyip.com" would not work either, so it's pointless even having it.

The method i've provided is a much flexible and reliable way of doing it.

I must say I'm rather disappointed with the ignorance you're displaying. Just because it already works, doesn't mean it can't be improved. In fact, that's the whole point of an improvement.

Sure, it already works, but this is an improvement.

Please reopen this ticket, I don't appear to have permissions.

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I think, if you change it, use the new InetRead from Beta. This would be another improvement (no tempfile anymore).

Btw: why is http://whatismyip.akamai.com/ more reliable? I even don't know who created it...

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Using InetRead sounds neat, but as it doesn't appear in my version, i've not implemented it in the example. Although usage would probably be appropriate in future releases.


Back in 1999 Microsoft began using them for content delivery and have done ever since.

Now they are a NASDAQ-100 company, possibly the biggest content delivery company in the world...

So, I think you'll agree, fairly reliable.

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