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Very quickly, a way of locking down mouse movement to horizontal or vertical only. Use [Win]+Q to cycle horizontal, vertical and no lock. Useful for me when I'm re-arranging items on forms and I want to preserve the top or left coordinate.

HotKeySet("#q", "_ToggleLock")

Global $lockType = 0, $lastPos = MouseGetPos(), $thisPos

While True
    $thisPos = MouseGetPos()
    Switch $lockType
        Case 1 ; Vertical lock
            $thisPos[1] = $lastPos[1]
        Case 2 ; Horizontal lock
            $thisPos[0] = $lastPos[0]
    MouseMove($thisPos[0], $thisPos[1], 0)
    $lastPos = $thisPos

Func _ToggleLock()
    $lockType = Mod($lockType + 1, 3)
EndFunc   ;==>_ToggleLock


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