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Looking for a function

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I've tried help and the forums but don't quite know what I'm looking for so it's hard to search.

Looking for something similar to If ProcessExists ("whatever.exe") Then $a=1

Only for a script i.e. If ScriptExists ("scriptname.au3") Then $a=1

I can't use ProcessExists because all au3 have the same process name.

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Not sure why different scripts have the same EXE name but you could use a unique name with _Singleton() in each script you run and then test for that sOccurenceName in your script.

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You should compile your scripts to exe :)

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check this out!

#include <process.au3>
#include <_WinAPI_GetCommandLine.au3> ; got this from this forum here...

#region example

Func _IsScriptRunning($ScriptName)
    Local $retVal = -1
    $AutoITProcesses = _GetAutoitScripts()
    If $AutoITProcesses[0][0] > 0 Then
        For $i = 0 to $AutoITProcesses[0][0]
            If StringInStr($AutoITProcesses[$i][1],$ScriptName) Then $retVal = 1
        $retVal = 2 
        SetExtended("Autoit Process Not Found Running?")
    Return $retVal

Func _GetAutoitScripts()
    ; Script Name only not full path please.
Local $AutoItEXE = _ProcessGetName(@AutoItPID)
Local $ProcessList = ProcessList()
Local $procAutoIT[1][3]
For $i = 0 to $ProcessList[0][0] 
    If $ProcessList[$i][0] = $AutoItEXE Then 
        ReDim $procAutoIT[Ubound($procAutoIT)+1][3]
            $procAutoIT[Ubound($procAutoIT)-1][0] = $ProcessList[$i][1]
            $procAutoIT[Ubound($procAutoIT)-1][1] = _WinAPI_GetCommandLineFromPID($ProcessList[$i][1])
;~          $procAutoIT[$i][2] = 
    $procAutoIT[0][0] = UBound($procAutoIT)-1
    Return $procAutoIT



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