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Help reading values from Apex Grid

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Hey guys thanks for all the help so far, jus need an other help from you guys.

I have a Grid In my application which is recognised as "[CLASS:TG60.ApexGrid32.20; INSTANCE:1]". I have tried my best to get the data from the grid. Some how AutoIt is not able to recognise the data in it.

I have tried all the listview functions and trying to read it out of the dll. Trying to figure out how i could do this. Any help in this direction would be helpful.

This is how it's getting recognized

This is how it’s getting recognized.

>>>> Window <<<<

Title: Risk: Reinsurance

Class: ThunderRT6FormDC

Position: 15, 161

Size: 995, 446

Style: 0x16CF0000

ExStyle: 0x00000500

Handle: 0x001B0592

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: TG60.ApexGrid32.20

Instance: 1

ClassnameNN: TG60.ApexGrid32.201

Advanced (Class): [CLASS:TG60.ApexGrid32.20; INSTANCE:1]

ID: 1


Position: 12, 64

Size: 963, 315

ControlClick Coords: 651, 70

Style: 0x56000000

ExStyle: 0x00000280

Handle: 0x001305B4

>>>> Mouse <<<<

Position: 682, 318

Cursor ID: 0

Color: 0xD4D0C8

>>>> StatusBar <<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<

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Anyone figured out how to read from "ApexGrid32" control yet?

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Have you tried with the UI Automation framework.

To test if a program supports UI Automation you can use Inspect.exe from Windows SDK. Or the "Simple spy tool" in the link.

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