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Auto-Include Script

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Okay, This is a really simple script i wrote that copies a UDF .au3 file to your autoIt directory's "Include" Folder. The app lets you set which directory to copy to and adds a shell option so that when you right click on any .au3 file there is an option to /Include Script. Once the settings are set, whick you only have to do once, it copies the file.

Installation Process!

1. Download my compiled .exe file. (you can compile it yourself also.)

2. Run it, it will detect that it is the first run and allow you to set some options, then it will register the Include option and copy itself to your Windows Directory then exit.

3. Now when you right-click on any .au3 file there should be an option called "Include Script". Click this and it will ask you for your AutoIt Directory. It should be correctly auto detected. If not change it. Now it should be all ready for quick including!

NOTE: It will overwrite existing files, so make sure if you have another UDF of the same name to rename the file you wish to copy!

NOTE: Pressing Ctrl+Shift+X will reset the first run setting and the AU3 dir setting, so they can be reset if youre autoit dir changes.

Thats all for now folks!

Source Code:

#Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
#AutoIt3Wrapper_icon=..\..\..\Program Files\AutoIt3\Aut2Exe\Icons\AutoIt_Old1.ico
#AutoIt3Wrapper_outfile=Include Script.exe
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Comment=Used for including .au3 files to the AutoIt 3 "Include" Directory.
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Description=Installs .au3 files
#EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
If HotKeySet( "^+X", "Reset" ) = 0 Then
    TrayTip( "Reset Hot-Key Unavailible!", "The hot-key Ctrl+Shift+X is in use and could not be registered!", 5000 )
    HotKeySet( "^+X" )
    TrayTip( "Reset Hot-Key!", "The hot-key Ctrl+Shift+X will reset all settings at any time!", 5000 )
    HotKeySet( "^+X", "Reset" )

If NOT @Compiled Then
    MsgBox( 16, "Not Compiled!", "This script needs to be compiled to work properly!" )

If RegRead( "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3", "IncludeScriptFirstRun" ) = "" Then
    RegWrite( "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3", "IncludeScriptFirstRun", "REG_SZ", "1" )

If RegRead( "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3", "IncludeScriptFirstRun" ) = "1" Then
    MsgBox( 64, "First Run!", "This is the first time you have run this script!" )
    $install = MsgBox( 36, "First Run!", "Would you like to install the shell options?" )
    switch $install
        case 6
            RegWrite( "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3", "IncludeScriptFirstRun", "REG_SZ", "0" )
            MsgBox( 64, "All Done!", "The ""Include Script"" option has been added to all .au3 files!" )
            MsgBox( 64, "All Done!", "You may delete the runing .exe file. It has been copied to """ & @WindowsDir & """ for simple access." )
        Case 7
            MsgBox( 48, "Fatal error", "This program will not function properly until functionality is installed!" )
            MsgBox( 48, "Fatal error", "Exiting Immediately!" )
            RegWrite( "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3", "IncludeScriptFirstRun", "REG_SZ", "1" )

$au3_exe = @autoItExe
$def_dir = RegRead( "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3\AutoIt", "InstallDir" )
If $def_dir = "" Then
    $def_dir = "C:\Program Files\AutoIt3"
If RegRead( "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3", "IncludeScriptAutoItDir" ) = "" Then
$au3_dir = InputBox( "Auto It Directory", "Please enter the path of your AutoIt Directory! (do not include a trailing backslash!)", $def_dir )
RegWrite( "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3", "IncludeScriptAutoItDir", "REG_SZ", $au3_dir )
    $au3_dir = RegRead( "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3", "IncludeScriptAutoItDir" )

If $au3_dir = "" Or Not FileExists( $au3_dir ) Then
    MsgBox( 16, "No Dir Specified!", "The directory was not found or the field was blank. Exiting..." )

FileCopy( $cmdline[1], $au3_dir & "\Include\" )
Switch MsgBox( 68, "File Copy Sucessful!", "Successfully copied file: "&$cmdline[1]&@CRLF&"to directory: "&$au3_dir & "\Include\"&@CRLF&"Would you like to open the Include directory?" )

    Case 6
        Run( "explorer " &$au3_dir & "\Include\" )
    Case 7


Func _InstallFunctionality()
FileCopy( @AutoItExe, @WindowsDir & "\include.exe", 1 )

RegWrite ("HKCR\AutoIt3Script\Shell\Include", "", "REG_SZ", "Include Script")
RegWrite ("HKCR\AutoIt3Script\Shell\Include\Command", "", "REG_SZ", "include.exe ""%1""")

RegWrite ("HKLM\Software\Classes\AutoIt3Script\Shell\Include", "", "REG_SZ", "Include Script")
RegWrite ("HKLM\Software\Classes\AutoIt3Script\Shell\Include\Command", "", "REG_SZ", "include.exe ""%1""")

Func Reset()
    RegWrite( "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3", "IncludeScriptFirstRun", "REG_SZ", "1" )
    RegDelete( "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3", "IncludeScriptAutoItDir" )
    MsgBox( 64, "Settings have been reset", "On next run the app will think it is the first." )

Update v1.1:

Added: A quick thing I forgot, lets you open the include directory after it copies the file.

Edited by insignia96

Visit my website to see all my finished releases!Releases here:UDFs:GUI ResizingColor List (Web Colors)GUIFade_NearestPower

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