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I need this to work for my updater otherwise it will start updating randomlly...

i tryed to debug it myself but nothing.....

Local $Website = "http://gamemania.spruz.com/user/146787/files/update.exe"
    Local $size = InetGetSize("http://gamemania.spruz.com/user/146787/files/update.exe")
    Local $mysize = InetGetSize(@scriptdir & "\update.exe")
        GuiCtrlSetData(-5, 30)
    ;this "should" check version
    if $size < $mysize Then TrayTip("Notice!", "Somethings wrong with your updater!", 5, 3)
    elseif $size = $mysize then TrayTip("Notice!", "Got the lates version!", 5, 3)
        if $size >  $mysize then
    TrayTip("Notice!", "Do not close when downloading!", 5, 3)
        GuiCtrlSetData(-5, 40)
    FileDelete(@Scriptdir & "\update.exe")
        GuiCtrlSetData(-5, 50)
    INetGet($Website,@scriptdir & "\update.exe", 1, 0)
        GuiCtrlSetData(-5, 60)
        GuiCtrlSetData(-5, 70)

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Since your file is on the local computer

Replace this:

Local $mysize = InetGetSize(@scriptdir & "\update.exe")

With Function FileGetSize :

$mysize = FileGetSize(@scriptdir & "\update.exe")

If you've used the Compile button ftom Scite then you can add a version to your application, let's say

You can return that if you use: FileGetVersion()

You can find the above in the helpfile :D

Edited by AoRaToS

s!mpL3 LAN Messenger

Current version [30/09/2015]

Download Here


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