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Anyway to bypass Adlib being disabled on Workstation Lock?

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Hey, I have a program that runs in the background that runs an Adlib every 5 minutes to check for an update on my server.

When I lock my computer and then come back later to unlock it...Its like my autoit program has stacked up every Adlib ever called while my computer was Locked, because I can never access my program when I first unlock my pc. It takes about 10 minutes until I can start using my program again. (Program is based on EventMode if that helps u get an idea any).

Any ideas? Its Adlib, right? Did I come to the right conclusion? Adlib doesn't run when the computer is locked? Is there any way around this? How would YOU do this? Maybe a way to check to see if the computer is locked, if not, run Adlib, it yes, then dont run the Adlib.

...thats assuming the reason I cant access my program after I unlock my PC is BECAUSE of adlib.

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I don't think its the Adlib function itself. This works fine, even if the computer is locked.

Global $i = 0
while 1
Func myadlib()
    $i += 1
    ConsoleWrite($i & @TAB & TimerInit() & @crlf)

It's more likely one of the function within the adlib which hangs, maybe some win-related function?

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