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How to handle Firefox Save Dialog

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Hi Folks,

I am newbie to Autoit. I am doing some automation with selenium, But selenium can't handle the native dialog box. so for that i use the AutouIt script. I am trying to handle the Save Dialog box of firefox. But seems like AutoIT is not able to identify the buttons on it.

My basic need is to download a file using AutoIT script in Firefox browser on Windows plaform. And for that i am using following script

AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode","2") ; set the select mode to select using substring
; wait Until dialog box appears
WinWait($CmdLine[1]) ; match the window with substring 
$title = WinGetTitle($CmdLine[1]) ; retrives whole window title 

MsgBox(0,"",ControlGetText($title,"","Button1")) // Returns 0
MsgBox(0,"",ControlGetText($title,"","Button2")) // Returns 0
MsgBox(0,"",ControlGetText($title,"","Button3")) // Returns 0
MsgBox(0,"",ControlGetText($title,"","Button4")) // Returns 0
MsgBox(0,"",ControlGetText($title,"","Button5")) // Returns 0

As i not getting the text through ControlID I use it's name. But no Luck.

ControlClick($title,"","Save File")

can anybody tell me why so happening..


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Welcome to the forum!

You can use FF.au3 for just about anything in Firefox. All thanks to Stilgar!

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I use this function in FFAddOn to detect standard FF "Save As" Dialogs... check the download Window with AU3Info and adjust the function respectively. Then you've got a handle to the window and you can use controlclick (also check ids with AU3Info).

Edit #1: Tested, readjusted and added example, should detect download dialog now...

Edit #2: Rethought the concept, _Detect_FF_dialog_hWnd() is only useful to detect standard Win dialog associated with FF, the MozillaDialogClass can better be detected with a simple winexist() function.


While Sleep(10)
    If IsHWnd(_Detect_FF_dialog_hWnd()) Then MsgBox(0, "", "FF File Dialog detected...")
    If WinExists("[CLASS:MozillaDialogClass;]", "") Then MsgBox(0, "", "FF MozillaDialogClass detected...")

Func _Detect_FF_dialog_hWnd()
    Local $hWnds
    $hWnds = WinList("[CLASS:#32770;]", "")
    For $i = 1 To $hWnds[0][0]
        If BitAND(WinGetState($hWnds[$i][1], ''), 2) Then
            $hwnd_PID = WinGetProcess(_WinAPI_GetAncestor($hWnds[$i][1], $GA_ROOTOWNER))
            $processlist = ProcessList("firefox.exe")
            For $y = 1 To $processlist[0][0]
                If $processlist[$y][1] = $hwnd_PID Then
                    Return $hWnds[$i][1]
    Return 0
EndFunc   ;==>_Detect_FF_dialog_hWnd
Edited by KaFu

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You can better do this this with the FF.au3 and the _FF_DM.au3. You can handle with them the FireFox-download-manager.

To wait for a window with the "MozillaDialogClass" is useless. This could be any FireFox-window which isn't a browser-window.

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Hi All,

Can any one please tell me the script to handle this Firefox Save Window



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