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Serverless UDP connections

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well for the last 3 months on and off i have been looking for a UDP example script that would be usefull to learn from.. i know how to make a TCP multiclient... though that needs a server.. what i would like is (for my current Chess PVP game project) is:

*any UDP examples on how to do it without a server (person starts up game... waits and another person connects and they play..)

*possibly some directions in where to learn from

*is it even possible for a UDP serverliess PvP game..

i HAVE seen a few UDP examples around here... but i have no idea how they function.. so please any help? :)

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Opt("GUIOnEventMode" , 1)
$d=UDPOpen("" , 8080,1)
$input=GUICtrlCreateInput("" , 5 ,210,350,20)
$b=GUICtrlCreateButton("Send" , 355,210,50,20,$BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON)
GUICtrlSetOnEvent(-1 , "_send")
While 1
    If IsArray($recv) Then _GUICtrlEdit_AppendText($edit,StringFormat("[%s:%s] > %s\n" , $recv[1],$recv[2],$recv[0]))
Func quit()
Func _send()

here's a simple example :) you can even test in on your local machine. BUT! because it uses broadcasting you cannot listen on the same port twice so if you run more than one instances of the script only the first one will recv the data but all of them can send :)

P.S.: you need the latest beta

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