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check selected text

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i want to make an script that copy text selected with your middle mouse button as a service (in the end)

i got this script now:

#include <misc.au3>

while 1
If _IsPressed(4) Then _CopyToClip()

Func _CopyToClip()
    TrayTip("Middle mouse copy", "copied: " & ClipGet(), 3, 1) 

the problem is:

when i use this script it works also when i just want to autoscroll on web pages with my middle mouse button.

how can i first check if the text is slected?


1. i set the TrayTip to be displayed for 3 seconds.. does not work.

2. i want to run it as a service so i don't have an tray icon etc, but taskmgr says it uses 10 mb ram!?

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There is better solutions but since you are non-stop copying to the clipboard while the middle mouse is down just:

If Clipget <> ""

That will return true if your Send("^c") got something.

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