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#508 Static variables Nutster Feature Request AutoIt
#1369 Static.au3 example not working Bug Documentation
#726 Statusbar not visible in a window created with $ws_popup and with a menu Bug AutoIt
#1044 StdErr constants for Run() Bug Documentation
#367 StdOutRead Error in compiled program Valik Bug AutoIt
#3135 StdioClose with $STDERR_MERGED memory leak Jon Bug AutoIt
#3722 StdoutRead example is incorrectly parsing input and outputs incomplete information Jos Bug Documentation
#638 StdoutRead function returns null character mid string in default text mode Bug AutoIt
#636 StdoutRead function seems to now miss data on public and beta releases Bug AutoIt
#637 StdoutRead function seems to now miss data on public and beta releases Bug AutoIt
#152 StdoutRead maxes CPU on process (when not run from SciTe). Valik Bug AutoIt
#1512 StdoutRead no correct output with german language OS Bug AutoIt
#514 StdoutRead seems broken on latest public & beta Bug AutoIt
#232 StdoutRead with peek = true doesn't exits loop Bug AutoIt
#2682 StdoutRead[2].au3 - proposal Feature Request Documentation
#1776 Strange MustDeclareVars Behavior Bug AutoIt
#394 Strange TreeView behaviour, 2 different problems. Bug AutoIt
#3588 Strange behavior of RunAs() Bug AutoIt
#2240 Strange behavior of TimerDiff Bug AutoIt
#1972 Strange behavior with ControlClick and deactivated button on AutoIt GUI Bug AutoIt
#1828 Strange behavior with IniWrite Bug AutoIt
#1097 Strange behavior with MSXML (COM) Bug AutoIt
#804 Strange behavior with simple program Bug AutoIt
#537 Strange behaviour while using wrong GUI parameter Bug AutoIt
#2535 Strange behaviour with FileOpenDialog and the return order of multi-selection of files Bug AutoIt
#2350 Strange issue when using $SS_ETCHEDVERT and $SS_ETCHEDHORZ Jon Bug AutoIt
#1759 Strange listview sort trancexx Bug Standard UDFs
#3045 String constants: ' and " Feature Request Documentation
#2290 String functions fails on a file Bug AutoIt
#2255 String value is treated as a number if starts with digits Bug AutoIt
#1811 String.au3 file inside help folder? Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#596 String<From/To>ASCIIArray() functions Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#1879 StringCount() Feature Request AutoIt
#218 StringFormat Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#2807 StringFormat - Type Specification - String(). Melba23 Bug Documentation
#3117 StringFormat - second parameter is optional Jpm Bug Documentation
#1093 StringFormat not work with non-latin symbols in format string Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1328 StringFormat() does not produce right output in AutoIt v3.3.1.6 (beta) Jon Bug AutoIt
#3837 StringFormat() number of replacements performed stored in the @extended macro Feature Request AutoIt
#744 StringFromASCIIArray() ANSI switch Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#2210 StringInStr Bug AutoIt
#920 StringInStr does not work correctly Bug AutoIt
#6 StringInStr not reporting error Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1647 StringInStr returns wrong value when 4th parm is "Default" Bug AutoIt
#1370 StringInStr() Valik Bug AutoIt
#3106 StringIsFloat doesn't accept a valid FP exponent Jon Bug AutoIt
#1854 StringIsFloat returns 1 on non float numbers Jon Bug AutoIt
#2381 StringIsSpace - does not work in all cases Feature Request AutoIt
#1129 StringIsXDigit is wrong return value. Bug AutoIt
#542 StringRegEx causing a hard crash Valik Bug AutoIt
#3787 StringRegExp Feature Request AutoIt
#2862 StringRegExp $STR_REGEXPARRAYGLOBALFULLMATCH option regress Jon Bug AutoIt
#2562 StringRegExp & Null character Jon Bug AutoIt
#3864 StringRegExp - AutoIt3.exe ended.rc:-1073741571 Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3631 StringRegExp - metacharacter "\R" in square brackets behaves incorrectly Bug AutoIt
#2616 StringRegExp - new example - request Feature Request Documentation
#3794 StringRegExp - string passed by value instead by reference? Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3226 StringRegExp : "complete description of PCRE patterns link" not found mLipok Bug Documentation
#1501 StringRegExp and StringRegExpReplace missing Bug AutoIt
#2274 StringRegExp crashes on large string Bug AutoIt
#3945 StringRegExp help about \s misses VT Jpm Bug Documentation
#2898 StringRegExp missing @extended info Bug Documentation
#1464 StringRegExp, Single Char. Pattern with '*' Quantifier. Jon Bug AutoIt
#2583 StringRegExp.txt - "chinese text" guinness Bug Documentation
#2069 StringRegExpGui example produce 2 warnings Bug AutoIt
#1559 StringRegExpReplace - add Return Value in Helpfile Feature Request Future Release Documentation
#1017 StringRegExpReplace - back-references --> add this as example in Helpfile Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#1825 StringRegExpReplace - returns bad @extended value Bug AutoIt
#2663 StringRegExpReplace backreference not working BrewManNH Feature Request AutoIt
#1125 StringRegExpReplace fails for case insensitive group (?i...) Jpm Bug AutoIt
#588 StringRegExpReplaceCallback Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#3645 StringRegExpSplit Feature Request AutoIt
#95 StringReplace doesn't recognize some number types as not strings Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3686 StringReplace if running under local system account Bug AutoIt
#461 StringReplace to include right-to-left functionality Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#2666 StringReplace($sString, $pos, "") doesn't work Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#1571 StringSplit - Add CaseSense parameter Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#3118 StringSplit - NewFlag - case Feature Request Other
#2401 StringSplit - Parameters Description - PROPOSAL guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2671 StringSplit - bug : Delimiter case sensitivity problem Jon Bug AutoIt
#122 StringSplit does not return the string if no split found with separator with multiple characters as individual characters Bug AutoIt
#1352 StringSplit hard crash on binary data Jon Bug AutoIt
#120 StringSplit limit parameter Feature Request AutoIt
#121 StringSplit not case sensitive for separator with multiple characters as group Jpm Bug AutoIt
#539 StringSplit w/ flag 2 doesn't return string if no delims Valik Bug AutoIt
#3057 StringSplit() Return Value Jpm Bug Documentation
#475 StringSplit() does not honor flag 2 when using "" (empty) as delim Valik Bug AutoIt
#3784 StringSplit2D Feature Request AutoIt
#2415 StringStripCR - headline - Return Value - PROPOSAL guinness Feature Request Documentation
#1832 StringStripCR(): Clips strings at NUL-character. Bug AutoIt
#248 StringStripWS Helpfile incomplete Bug Documentation
#2568 StringStripWS does not strip Chr(0) as Help file states Jon Bug AutoIt
#2451 StringToASCIIArray / GUICtrlSetFont - default parameters Feature Request Documentation
#897 StringToASCIIArray() does not work correctly with binary data. Valik Bug AutoIt
#2166 StringToASCIIArray() incorrect handling of parameter Valik Bug AutoIt
#894 StringToASCIIArray() with UTF-8 encoding gives wrong result Bug AutoIt
#2688 StringToBinary + ConsoleWrite Bug AutoIt
#1468 StringToBinary lost character in utf8 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1884 Strings concatenation Bug AutoIt
#723 Structure problem Bug AutoIt
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