18:07 Ticket #2022 (Cross set contants) closed by trancexx
No Bug: Values are correctly set. Microsoft SDK define values inside WinUser.h from where they are taken.
17:48 Ticket #2035 (DllCall() - undocumented datatype "bool") closed by trancexx
No Bug: DllCall data types are case-insensitive.
14:23 Ticket #2035 (DllCall() - undocumented datatype "bool") created by Zedna
In Helpfile for DllCall() there is not mentioned "bool" type for Valid …
14:07 Ticket #2034 (_GUICtrlMenu_AppendMenu - bug when BitOr($MF_BYPOSITION, $MF_STRING) ...) created by Zedna
MSDN link to AppendMenu API …


21:28 Ticket #2033 (Helpfile - TCPSend - non working Example) created by Raik
As TCPNameToIP states, "TCPStartup is needed before this call.", but …


09:46 Ticket #2032 (_ExcelBookOpen 2007 xlsm file (print area gets lost)) created by Xenobiologist
The information is all here : …


23:12 Ticket #2031 (_GUICtrlStatusBar_SetBkColor() not working) created by GEOSoft
_GUICtrlStatusBar_SetBkColor() example does not work and the function …
20:50 Ticket #2030 (_WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage - accept specified error code parameter) created by anonymous
14:22 Ticket #2029 (Array and variable handling / suggestion) created by Shaggi
1. Accessing temporary arrays This could be a cool feature, and in …
02:15 Ticket #2028 (Bit* function examples are too cryptic to be meaningful) closed by Valik
Rejected: Honestly, if you need examples to show you how to use the Bit functions then you probably don't need the Bit functions. The examples are fine. Looking at raw bits is an advanced feature anyway.
00:41 Ticket #2027 (;-)) closed by Valik
Wont Fix: Which planet are you from where it's acceptable to use emoticons as issue titles? Whatever planet it is I hope it's destroyed soon if everybody does such idiotic things. This is a bug but it will not be fixed. It has the same root cause as #376 which means it requires AutoIt's GUI to be re-written in order to fix.


21:18 Ticket #2028 (Bit* function examples are too cryptic to be meaningful) created by anonymous
The examples for BitOR, BitAnd, Bit* are very hard to comprehend for …


18:59 Ticket #1658 (COM / OLE object access causes error code 80020003 - member not found) reopened by Valik
Apparently this may not be fixed so I'm reopening it until I can test one way or the other.
16:08 Ticket #2027 (;-)) created by anonymous
;This programm working correctly... #include <ButtonConstants.au3> …
00:51 Ticket #1952 (Autoit & https & _IEFormSubmit doesnt work.) closed by Valik
Fixed: Oh, so there was a ticket for the form submit issue. It's fixed in and later.


21:23 Ticket #2026 (Improved, clearer, help for TrayCreateItem) created by c.haslam
I propose the following: ; #FUNCTION# …


19:56 Ticket #2025 (TimerInit() return data type change.) closed by Valik
Rejected: If you use the return value from TimerInit() for anything other than an opaque handle to be passed to TimerDiff() then you are asking for trouble. Therefore the type is irrelevant. Ticket closed.
08:39 Ticket #2025 (TimerInit() return data type change.) created by mvg
Request for TimerInit() to return the returned value as Int instead of …


03:28 Ticket #2023 (Windows 98/ME (ANSI) compile support needed again) closed by Valik
Rejected: No. AutoIt is now a UNICODE application. Most of the ANSI conditional stuff is gone. There are also features that would have to be conditionally removed so the binary would even run on Windows 9x. This makes the code a huge mess just to cater to a small subset of potential users. It's not worth the time or effort to maintain. Tell your users to use an operating system that isn't older than their children or stop using a computer entirely.
03:23 Ticket #2020 (request: StringLTrim($str) and StringRTrim($str)) closed by Valik
Rejected: StringStripWS() already has options for stripping leading (left) and trailing (right) whitespace.


07:14 Ticket #2021 (FF.au3) closed by Jpm
No Bug


23:33 Ticket #2024 (Add AutoIt.Error object property for script or file name.) created by anonymous
Reproducer (if necessary): include.au3: […] Main.au3: […]
22:01 Ticket #2023 (Windows 98/ME (ANSI) compile support needed again) created by anonymous
I took a poll of my users: about slightly less than 1/2 of the users …
10:18 Ticket #2022 (Cross set contants) created by Melba23
The $DT_PATH_ELLIPSIS and $DT_END_ELLIPSIS constants are …


21:41 Ticket #2021 (FF.au3) created by tele@…
FF.au3 …
18:05 Milestone completed
17:41 Ticket #1985 (_IEAction($element, "focus") does not work in IE9) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6250] in version:
11:26 Ticket #2020 (request: StringLTrim($str) and StringRTrim($str)) created by anonymous
these functions would either strip the left or right whitespace off of …


04:08 Ticket #2019 (File functions: Three help file issues and one bug) created by Aru
Not really a bug, but I couldn't think of where else to put these. …


16:36 Ticket #1704 (Need UDFs in AutoItx.) closed by Valik
Rejected: Stupid ticket. The host language will certainly support this. Closing as rejected.
16:33 Ticket #1948 (_GUICtrlButton_SetImage function description on SciTE tooltip) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6245] in version:
16:30 Tickets #1813,​1890 batch updated by Valik
Completed: Added by revision [6244] in version:
16:25 Ticket #1947 (Add "Forward" button in the AutoIt HTML help (.chm file)) closed by Valik
Completed: Added by revision [6243] in version:
16:15 Ticket #1695 (Add some better discription to help file how to usw the modes from FileOpen) closed by Valik
Rejected: I don't see the current documentation as confusing. It takes 2 seconds of critical thinking to realize if you want to write you have to specify the write flags. Closing as rejected.


21:16 Ticket #1994 (Confusing helpfile info...) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6242] in version:
20:57 Ticket #2001 (_GUICtrlToolbar_SetButtonText: Example only works partially) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6239] in version:
20:47 Ticket #1933 (_GetIP is outdated and could possibly fail.) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6238] in version:
20:21 Ticket #1924 (Hiding one Edit affects the text in another.) closed by Valik
No Bug: This is not a bug. I do not like this behavior in AutoIt, but it is not a bug. When you disable $Edit1 Windows (Not AutoIt) shifts focus to $Edit2. When it does this it is secretly selecting the entire contents of $Edit2. You can verify this by using _GUICtrlEdit_GetSel() before and after the GUICtrlSetState() line. Now comes the part about AutoIt that I don't like. AutoIt is designed so that it inserts at the current caret location. If there is no text selected this is just a normal insertion. If there is text selected then it becomes a replace. So, since Windows selected the entire text of $Edit2 all of it is replaced. My suggestion is use _GUICtrlEdit_AppendText() to append to the end of an edit control. It takes the extra step necessary to ensure it always appends and never replaces. You could also use _GUICtrlEdit_SetSel() to adjust the selection yourself before calling GUICtrlSetData(). Closing as no bug.
19:20 Ticket #1975 (IE object does not recognized as valid object type) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6237] in version:


22:31 Milestone completed
21:42 Milestone completed
21:01 Ticket #1972 (Strange behavior with ControlClick and deactivated button on AutoIt GUI) closed by Valik
No Bug: This is not a bug specific to AutoIt. I was able to reproduce the same issue by using ControlClick() on a disabled Configure button in the Sound control panel applet. A configuration window popped up even though the Configure button was disabled. Closing as no bug.
20:55 Ticket #1983 (_IECreateEmbedded doesn't work anymore) closed by Valik
No Bug
20:25 Ticket #1009 (Remove hard-coded calls to ConsoleWrite() in SQLite.au3) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6226] in version:
20:05 Ticket #2018 (It is not able to identify all Button from other Software) created by Daniel
For example, Au3Info is not able to identify the "Load"-button from …


19:44 Ticket #2017 (Proposed clarifications of Tray help) created by c.haslam
Having been confused by the Help for TrayMenuMode, I have been working …


19:39 Ticket #2016 (AU3Check will fail with DllCallAddress) closed by Valik
Fixed: This has already been discussed here where I stated it would be fixed in the next beta.
12:31 Ticket #2016 (AU3Check will fail with DllCallAddress) created by thesnoW
the parm number of DllCallAddress too small. dllcall is 255,but …


18:00 Ticket #2015 (DllCallbackRegister() mangles floating point numbers under x64) created by wraithdu
Parameters of type "float" are mangled when passed to …
01:58 Ticket #2014 (Updated Array.au3 UDF to be used with 2D arrays) created by BrewManNH
I have modified several of the _Array functions, that previously only …


23:12 Ticket #1492 (Problem with listview AND $WS_EX_COMPOSITED in a gui) closed by Valik
No Bug: This is not a bug. The documentation for WS_EX_COMPOSITED says it is not compatible with the CS_OWNDC or CS_CLASSDC class styles. Closing as no bug.
22:58 Ticket #1997 (GUICtrlCreateDummy(), @error=1 on failure., trivial.) closed by Valik
No Bug: It's an undocumented behavior. I'm not sure what this ticket is about. Closing as no bug.
17:01 Ticket #1934 (Au3check false error) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6213] in version:
15:53 Ticket #1790 (au3.api, AutoItSetOption, Optional indicator.) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6212] in version:
15:49 Ticket #1999 (DirCopy and DirMove have some bugs) closed by Valik
No Bug: So you reported a bug about documented behavior. Good job!
15:47 Ticket #1998 (fileflush bluescreen windows 7 x86) closed by Valik
No Bug: There's no way in hell this can be tested. Closing.
15:44 Ticket #2009 (_GUICtrlToolbar_Create: $BTNS constants don't apply to this function) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6211] in version:
15:39 Ticket #2010 (Menu Tooltip Bug) closed by Valik
Duplicate: Learn to test with the beta first. It's fixed there.
15:14 Ticket #2012 (sqlite3 UPDATE changing value deletes it with UNIQUE index!) closed by Valik
No Bug: Closing this ticket. Seems to be a long way from actually have a bug to report. I'm not interested in bugs filed against anyway since we are deep into beta territory.
15:12 Ticket #2008 (timerinit does not return int, returns imprecise float, differences bad) closed by Valik
No Bug: I'm not sure where you got your assumptions but they are flat out wrong. You cannot do what you are doing and expect to get meaningful values back. There is more to TimerDiff() than an internal call to TimerInit() to get a new timestamp and a simple subtraction. I suggest you use functions as documented or learn what the fuck you're talking about before wasting my time again.
15:01 Ticket #1660 (Mod function causes AutoIt to crash) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6210] in version:
14:52 Ticket #2013 (Mod(anything, 0) hard crash) closed by Valik
Duplicate: Closing as duplicate of #1660.
13:13 Ticket #2013 (Mod(anything, 0) hard crash) created by Manadar
Confirmed release & beta Reproducer: Mod(1, 0) …


23:13 Ticket #2012 (sqlite3 UPDATE changing value deletes it with UNIQUE index!) created by jmichae3@…
I don't ever remember seeing this happen before with a database. what …
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