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Extensive library to control and manipulate Microsoft Outlook.

Theads: Development - General Help & Support - Example Scripts - Wiki

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What's New in Version



  • Enhanced documentation, removed typos


  • _OL_ItemMove: Added @error = 7 to handle situations where the specified item no longer exists


  • _OL_Open: Does not work correctly with AutoIt > COM errors aren't handled so functions might crash
  • _OL_TestEnvironmentCreate: Crashed when creating a note. Note items only support the ItemProperties property

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    • Dent
      [Solved] _OL_ItemSend not sending
      By Dent
      Hi, I have written the following code and although the email is successfully created from a template it just sits in my draft folder without being sent and I can't figure out why?
      #include <OutlookEX.au3> $Email = "test@test.com" $Outlook = _OL_Open() $olItem = _OL_ItemCreate($Outlook, 1, "", "Feedback.oft", "To=" & $Email) _OL_ItemSend($Outlook, $olItem, Default) _OL_Close($Outlook) Place Feedback.oft in the same folder as the script for it to run. Oh and you have to have a working Outlook installation and mail profile set up
      SOLVED changed the 1 to $olMailItem
    • Revelation343
      Mailing from Excel/variable storing
      By Revelation343
      Purpose of script: To send emails in Outlook based on data in an excel spreadsheet. From: fields are entered for purposes of sending on behalf of (delegate), copies A2 cell from excel for To: field, Subject field is a static value and entered, returns to excel spreadsheet to read A1 and copy the first name and insert into the body of a template at an insertion point. The From, and the body of the email change based on region, so currently I have 6 different scripts that do essentially the same thing with some minor changes and want to consolidate into one script to save time.
      To expedite the process of this and cut down on the amount of scripts, 6 in total I use daily, is it possible for me to somehow add the region to column C in excel, have autoit read column C values per row, and then decide which function, within a master script, to execute and loop this until there is no value in column C field?
      Example spreadsheet:
      Rob | rob@annuity.com |Midwest
      Annie | annie@agency.com | Midwest
      Kyle | kyle@agency.com | MidAtlantic
      Rick | rick@megasales.com | MidAtlantic
      Blank | Blank | Blank |
      Example execution:
      Run Birthday.au3, execute loop part through hotkey
      Reads row 1, C1, value is Midwest, calls Midwest(), script runs as Midwest Birthday.au3 does currently
      Reads row 2, C2, value is Midwest, calls Midwest(), script runs as Midwest Birthday.au3 does currently
      Reads row 3, C3, value is MidAtlantic, calls MidAtlantic(), script runs as MidAtlantic Birthday.au3 currently
      Reads row 4, C4, value is MidAtlantic, calls MidAtlantic(), script runs as MidAtlantic Birthday.au3 currently
      Reads row 5, C5, value is null or blank, ends script through Exit
      Everything I have coded in my time in AutoIt has been based mostly on mouse based movements and I don't have variable programming knowledge so I feel like I'm close to understanding how to do this, but the reading/storing variables part is beyond my current skill set. Help is appreciated.
      Mail Merges don't work as delegated in Outlook 07, for those that might be questioning why I just don't do that.
      MidAtlantic Birthday.au3
      Midwest Birthday.au3
    • Ligy
      OutlookEx Sending email from different email address
      By Ligy
      Hello everyone.
      Could you, please, help me with following problem?
      I need to send an email as different sender. The way "on behalf" does not fit me well enough. Much better for me would be something like declaring account credentials of the email i want to use and then use something like SendUsingAccount, but I am not able to figure out, how to get it from current OutlookEx.au3. Do you have any idea? Thanks a lot.
      Best Regards,
    • Reizvoller
      OutlookEX UDF (Question, not error)
      By Reizvoller
      I've been reading through the OutLookEX documentation and examples for the past two days ( VERY well documented, very clear! ) 
      But I've had trouble locating information on specifying what user to use. My outlook is linked to two email accounts and I can only manipulate the main account's stuff. A simple script I've been playing with is this 
      ; Include Functions #include <OutlookEX.au3> ; Connect to Outlook Global $oOutlook = _OL_Open() If @error <> 0 Then Exit MsgBox(16, "Connect to Outlook", "Error connecting to Outlook. @error = " & @error & ", @extended = " & @extended) ;List the folders Global $aResult = _OL_FolderTree($oOutlook, "*") If @error <> 0 Then Exit MsgBox(16, "OutlookEX UDF: _OL_FolderTree Example Script", "Error accessing root folder. @error = " & @error) _ArrayDisplay($aResult, "OutlookEX UDF: _OL_FolderTree Example Script - All folders") It works like a charm but it only returns my main account's folders. 
      I really hope I didn't overlook a wiki page or help file... 
      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
    • RamPalav
      Outlook embedded attachment
      By RamPalav
      I need a help on finding attachment from outlook which are in attachment section, not from the body.
      For e.g. Body contains signature and in the signature there would be bmp, gif files. I donot want them to save, but if any bmp,gif are in as attachment then would want to download them.
      If some one know then please help me on this.