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Extensive library to control and manipulate Microsoft Outlook.

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  • _OL_FolderSize: Returns information about the size and number of items of a folder and subfolders.
    Also see _OL_StoreGet to retrieve the used space and quotas of a store.


  • _OL_StoreGet: The following quota elements have been added to the returned array:
    09 - Warning Threshold represented in kilobytes (in KB)
    10 - The limit at which a user can no longer send messages represented in kilobytes (KB)
    11 - The limit where receiving mail is prohibited (also the maximum size of the mailbox) in kilobytes (KB)
    12 - Contains the sum of the sizes of all properties in the mailbox or mailbox root in kilobytes (KB)
    13 - The free space in the mailbox represented in kilobytes (KB)
    14 - The maximum size for a message that a user can send represented in kilobytes (KB)


  • Added documentation as a single HTML file: "OutlookEx"

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    • water
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      Anyony interested in a function to retrieve the Outlook mailbox quotas for Exchange mailboxes?
      If yes, then this function could be added to the OutlookEX UDF.
      Result could look like (will later be returned in an array):
    • ur
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      I wrote a macro for outlook to send an email.
      Till yesterday it worked, don't know why it is not working today
      I am getting below error when I ran the macro.

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      Through below script I am able to send mail with the Outlook installed in my machine.
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      #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> ; Counting the number of open shell windows Local $oShell = ObjCreate("Outlook.Application") ; Get the Windows Shell Object If IsObj($oShell) Then $Mail = $oShell.CreateItem(0) $Mail.To = "dponnada@erwin.com" $Mail.Subject = "Action" $Mail.Body ="Pay rise please" $Mail.Send() EndIf  

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      Hi all

      I been using autoit some years ago and needed a tool for changing various in outlook so i found autoit again and i allready succeed in some of this, but i cant find and delete an appointment.
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      Hi, I have written the following code and although the email is successfully created from a template it just sits in my draft folder without being sent and I can't figure out why?
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      SOLVED changed the 1 to $olMailItem