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Found 17 results

  1. Greetings! I was exploring as I saw the below URL which reads the event logs from specific type (Application, Security, System, etc.) So, I was in need to read a specific event id instead of the type of event, i.e. I need to read event id 1074 which lands under Security type. Any assistance will be grateful. Happy new year in advance!!
  2. 👋 Hey I want to call a function when something changes on an element in my GUI. That should work for a combo box (with $CBS_DROPDOWNLIST) when I select an item and for a text input when I type.
  3. Version 2.x.x and 3.x.x has been moved to branch 3.x About Autoit-Socket-IO Autoit-Socket-IO is a event driven TCP/IP wrapper heavily inspired from Socket.IO with focus on user friendliness and long term sustainability. I constantly want to make this UDF faster and better, so if you have any suggestions or questions (beginner and advanced) Do not hesitate to ask them, I will gladly help! Key features Simple API 99% data-type serialization thanks to Autoit-Serialize Can easily be extended with your own functionality thanks to Autoit-Events "Educational"
  4. About AutoIt-Events AutoIt-Events is an event Observer and is a core dependency for Autoit-Socket-IO but can be used for any Autoit project. Example #include "Event.au3" ; Subscribe listeners _Event_Listen(UserCreatedEvent, SendWelcomeMail) _Event_Listen(UserCreatedEvent, RegisterNewsLetter) ; Fire event _Event(UserCreatedEvent, @UserName, "tarre.islam@gmail.com") Func UserCreatedEvent(Const ByRef $oEvent, $name, $email) ; via $oEvent you can pass data to its listeners $oEvent.add("name", $name) $oEvent.add("email", $
  5. This is a little experiment that makes use of a "Browser Control" embedded in a GUI in order to be able to use AutoIt, HTML, JavaScript and CSS all together. This little toy will only work on systems with IE11. The purpose is to drag all the names of the scientists & drop on the right ones. (among scientists it has also infiltrated an intruder). I hope you find it entertaining. I've posted it here in the hope to have some suggestions on how to improve it all (I mean the interaction between Autoit Javascript html and css). Thanks ; this works on systems with IE11 ; -------------
  6. Hello and happy new Year to everybody! I'm trying to catch some events occuring within a browser control by simply using the ObjEvent() function. I think I'm not using that function in a proper way since some events are captured, while other are not. more precisely, events like those listed in this page are working: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa769764(v=vs.85).aspx while other events listed in other "interfaces", as in the following links, does not works. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh801967(v=vs.85).aspx For exemple, Here I would like to catch
  7. Hi to all, in this script I'm using a Javascript library called VIS to display data on a timeline. All is performed within a browser control embedded in the AutoIt GUI, and the AutoIt script should interact with what is going on in the browser control. what I'm stuck on is on finding a way to get notified in the AutoIt script on some events fired from that javascript library. When I use the ObjEvent() to get notified about events fired by html elements from the html page, all works ok... I'm stuck instead on how to receive notifications from events fired by a javascript (custom?) obj
  8. I want to listen for certain windows events like window open/closed. After reading the help I think I need to use ObjCreate('shell.application') and ObjEvent with that object to create/register a listener. The problem is I don't know what interface or events (i.e. the specific event names) are available for the listener. I tried searching MSDN but it is a labyrinth and I'm not that familiar with the programming frameworks/models used by Windows, and all the examples seem to refer to compiled code using .NET or some other api. Can any1 point me in the right direction? Also is using COM obj
  9. Hi all, This code is from an IronPython project. self._button1.Click += self.Button1_Click self._button1.MouseHover += self.Button1_MouseHover def Button1_Click(self, sender, e): System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show("Hi you clicked me ?") pass def Button1_MouseHover(self, sender, e): sender.Text = "Mouse Entered" pass How easy to connect any event function to any control. I know AutoIt can do this with GUICtrlSetOnEvent function. But this function only takes control ID and function name as parameters. We can't tell AutoIt to act on which
  10. Hi, so basically I'm filling in a form using the _IEFormElementSetValue command, which can trigger OnChange and OnClick event if the parameters are set right. But for my form to update i need to somehow trigger the keyup or keypress function. I'm aware that _IEAction("focus") in combination with Send would be an option, but I'm trying to avoid that Thank you very much in advance!
  11. Hey, Im trying to fake google's mousedown event to get link but I dont have luck Here is my code #include <IE.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> local $s_q = "autoit" local $i_resultnum = 100 local $lng = "tr" local $url = 'http://www.google.com/search?hl='&$lng&'&q=' & StringReplace(StringReplace($s_q, "+", "%2B"), " ", "+") & '&num=' & $i_resultnum ; $s_Source = _INetGetSource('http://www.google.com/search?hl='&$lng&'
  12. Hi all, I am trying to create a testing interface for some elearning work I am doing. I want to make a button called next to drive a captivate8 module interface via javascript. I can get the javscript to work fine but not via the button. I am using the onclick event but I have to physically click the browser screen to get it to work instead of doing this directly from the button. Can any one suggest a way to do this? This is what I am using: Func Button1Click() _IEHeadInsertEventScript($oIE, "document","onclick","cpAPIInterface.next();") EndFunc
  13. Hi all, I am playing with an edit control. Koda form designer only gives me the text change event for this edit control. But i want to do some things when user clicks on this edit control. How can i set a mouse click event on this edit control. ?
  14. Hi, I've been tinkering and tinkering and I really hope someone can give me some advice. I've used the IE.au3 UDF successfully with some different scripts, just I'm not even sure I'm going in the right direction on this one. A bunch of text input fields on a secure site are to be updated with data in the script (which the script gets from an excel file), and submitted. Not too hard, right? The input fields html looks like this: (in this case current value is 777.00) <input id="pt1:r1:1:pt1:ghostText:i10:0:lvl2:0:lvl3:0:lvl3PrcHdr:i15:0:lvl3Prc:ot21::content" name="pt1:r1:1:pt
  15. I wrote this power user tool a long while back and it originally had baked in commands and wasn't very extensible. I rewrote the tool and made use of the power and openeness of AutoIt. Some of you may find the concept and/or UI approach interesting (as well as useful) which is why I'm posting here. In all likely-hood, it could be rewritten entirely in AutoIt but that's not something I plan on doing. Good chance there are similar tools out there as well especially since I've sat on this for so long. In short, the tool provides a snazzy user interface (no two interfaces will look alike) which
  16. Is it possible to use WMI events, to monitor all the specific files of given filetype inside specific directory? I'd find it very usefull to use simple WMI events to check for how often graphic designers in my graphic department use different illustrator .AI files. Right now I am scanning folders using my own function and FileGetTime to check for any changes (last time accessed) and check for how usefull to us are files we have, but this is very limited. I have to run my scrypt every single minut to get more-less accurate data, missing some of the events that already accured or unnecesari
  17. Harro, I am trying to poll Skype for events, I want something to happen when it is minimised. I have found some code on the forum that almost works, I have been tweaking it, but just can't get the minimise event to work. I would love some help on this. as I am not amamzing at DLL calling and such... the event handle for $EVENT_SYSTEM_MINIMIZEEND is never hit.. even when i minimise the window, i always get the same event codes. Here is what I have so far... #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <WinAPI.au3> #include <Process.au3> #include <Misc.au3> Glob
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