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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all, This is an UDF for working with Access(2007 above) databases. I would like to say thanks to @spudw2k for his wonderful ADODB udf. That is my inspiration. And i borrowed three functions from him. The difference of this UDF is that it is using SQL statements as parameters. So if you know the SQL, then you can easily work with this UDF. Functions in this UDF 1. _Start_Connection 2. _Close_Connection 3. _Create_Table 4. _Delete_Table 5. _Alter_Table 6. _Delete_FromTable 7. _Insert_Data - You can use this to update or delete data 8. _Get_Records This is an example. This example uses an acce
  2. Good morning, I am trying to figure out if it is possible to check if these invoice lines exist or not. Here are the table and column name: INVOICELINE.INVOICELINENUM (a required field if created) Here is a picture of what I am talking about. (Do not worry about security. the picture is from a demo test site so all information is fake) is there any way to check if these fields exist or not? (they do not exist unless the user clicks on "New Row") Example: line 11 does not exist right now. How would I go about to see if it did or not? This is what I have so far:
  3. Only early days at this point, but I have been pondering such a program for a while. As good as calibre is (thank you Kovid Goyal), which is a great and wonderful ebook suite of tools and a fair database, it does have its limitations. One of which, is how it deals with multiple libraries, another is the views you get. CalibBrowser will seek to address those. What CalibBrowser is not going to be, is an editor for existing calibre libraries. That will be left up to calibre, which is very much needed still, and covers many aspects I will never look at. Unlike calibre, which is quite a c
  4. I want to create a program/script wich uses a database to store it's data. Now I am puzzeled by wich database server/type I should use. Can you guys help me? The program/script I want to create is used for multiple computers, where the insert data en read/modify it afterwords. There is going to be adding files to a share and the links as data in de database.
  5. Hi All, Here's a really simple question. I ran the code from the helpfile under: _SQLite_Open Issue is I end up with an error message: SQLite3.dll Can't be Loaded! I placed the *.dll in the include folder, but still nothing. Where must this file be placed.
  6. RamDemon

    AutoIT and Redis

    Hi, Did anyone tried to use Redis with AutoIT as store DB ? Redis <-- more about it Mladen
  7. Here is a simple program that some of you might appreciate. It is a more full fleshed out version of something I worked on a while back as a proof of concept. I will just quote the information found in the Program Information dialog. Older Screenshot INItoSQL DB.zip INItoSQL DB v1.1.zip (see Post #3 for update details) INItoSQL DB v1.4.zip (see Post #4 for update details) INItoSQL DB v1.6.zip (see Post #7 for update details) BIG THANKS to ResNullius for huge speed improvement etc. Program requires the sqlite3.dll, not included, but easily en
  8. Here is the bare bones of a UDF I have started work on. Mostly just a proof of concept at this stage, and still need to add some functions and dress the UDF up a bit ... to look like a UDF ... though it has my own distinct styling, especially as I have never really developed a UDF before now .... used plenty and modified plenty though. I've even invented my own UDF variable naming convention, which I am sure some of you will be aghast at. I work with what feels best for me, but others are free to adapt if they wish. The idea is to emulate the simplicity of INI files, but gain the ben
  9. Hello guys! I am having some difficulty in achieving a very simple task here. I have gone through the forums and tried some examples and UDFs but I can't seem to work it out. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out. Problem: Currently, I am logging the required feedback from the script into a log file in a simple way ... get the info in the var >> write it in the file But now I am in need to perform some analysis and need some of the values to go into an MSSQL table in the attached format Also, I need to be able to use Integrated Security" or "Trusted_
  10. Hi all, I hope you can help me with this. I need to connect to a Database using Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala. I installed the driver, created a User DSN (drona2) and tested it successfully (got the message: Successfully connected to data source!) but when I try to connect to the database using a Conneciton String, it simply didn't work. I tried connecting to the database using the User DSN, I previously created, that has all parameters needed but got the following error: $ProviderDatasource = 'DSN=drona2;' $conn_Database = ObjCreate ("ADODB.Connection") $co
  11. Good morning guys I'd like to know if there is a way to convert a PDF in CSV or, eventually, in TXT, in order to read from it, like a database... I have a PDF and I think ( I dind't search a lot on the forum ) with AutoIt, but I'd like work with Excel styles... Does anyone know a good program which convert PDF to CSV? PS: the PDF file is 5 MB, and it contains 439 pages... Thanks everyone for the help
  12. Using the MSSQL.udf I asked this question once, but haven't had a chance to reply to my old post so posting a new one instead of bouncing the old post. I'm trying to retrieve data from my database in Microsoft SQL Server 2014. When I tried the code below; empty message box return and no error approaches. $Connection = _MSSQL_Con($ServerAddress, $ServerUsername, $ServerPassword, $ServerDBName) $Testquery = _MSSQL_Query($Connection, "SELECT User_ID From Banker where Manager like '%Jason%'") msgbox(0, "Test", $Testquery) exit
  13. For the SQLite developers... New version This is a Report Generator for SQLite Database. The script supports up to two dynamic parameters per report, see the 'SQLite Reports.ini' file for more details. Single Date, period, string or number input are possible I provide a full functional example using the Chinook Demo Database (http://chinookdatabase.codeplex.com), so everyone can test it. All required files are contained in the zip file. You can download the zipfile in the link hereunder. I created 20 different reports, from which 4 are system reports and one is not linked to an
  14. New release. 19 June 2013 ( There is a relation with this topic SQLite ListView and BLOB demo but I decided to start a completely new Topic because the approach is considerably different from the two previous examples which were only kick-offs to this demo. This example shows how binary objects can be recognized natively in a database BLOB field without having to link to other fields that may contain information of the data object. In the demo I used 2 approaches for native recognition 1. For multi-type binary objects, the file name is added in the header of the BLOB Multi
  15. Hi, I'm trying to connect to Firebird database via AutoIt. Something that was supposed to be a cakewalk so far ended with no succes, as usual hoping for your help. I'm using the following Firebird Direct Access for Visual Basic DLL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fbdll4vb/files/. And the code below comes from Stephen Podhajecki (Eltorro) Firebird UDF (only parts I need at the moment): The code above gives me this: The specific kind of server\database I need to connect to is belong to following application if that matters: http://www.projetex.com/, it is using Firebird 2.5. While ODBC\123 co
  16. This is an example how to access/query different kind of Databases with AutoIt. The demo contains also test Databases, so the script functions for most of the provided database connections. Databases covered here: Oracle (no demo database for this one) MS SQL Server (no demo database for this one) SQLite (requires installation of the SQLite ODBC driver software available here: http://www.ch-werner.de/sqliteodbc/ ) Of course SQLite is natively available in AutoIt but in some cases it might be preferable to use the ODBC approach accessing the database via the same scripted method, for example
  17. Hey Every 1 When I was a Beginner I always had a Hard Time to Understand the SQLite I have made a UDF for SQLite so that Beginners Would Also Be Able to Do the Stuff . Much Of Description is Given in the UDF. To Understand Read It. For Advanced Users it may not be sooo goood But Then Also Have a Look . Thumbs Up if it Helped.. The UDF is Attached for Download.. N herez the Index #region -Functions For User- ;_Insert ;_Update ;_Delete ;_FetchData ;_LoadDatabase ;_UnLoadDatabase ;_Cryptor #endregion -Functions For User- #region -Internal Functions- ;_DefaultAnalyser() #endregion
  18. Hi there, I need to make a little program that takes some text input from user and saves it in a database. Then later, user presses the hotkey of each text, my program will retrieve it and send to the top most window. I have made the GUI. Now i need to learn about how autoit deals with databases. I have access 2007 in my system. So i would like to make a table in access. Is it possible to connect access database to an autoit program. If so how. ?. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello all, this script(wrapper) uses Alternative Data Streams to store INI formatted data in the active executable even while it is running. This is great for standalone executables, or storing data you don't want a user being able to edit! There are four simple commands: Func _iniwrite($section, $key, $value, $stream = "DEFAULT") return IniWrite(@ScriptFullPath&":"&$stream, $section, $key, $value) EndFunc Func _iniread($section, $key, $default = "", $stream = "DEFAULT") return IniRead(@ScriptFullPath&":"&$stream, $section, $key, $default) EndFunc Func _inidelete($secti
  20. Continuation of topic started I have been testing various times and configurations after reading the tips given and things are a bit better, though now a new issue has come up - after installing the latest version of AutoIt ( _SQLite_Startup() is taking a LOT of time to load. Odd thing is, it is not consistent (I hate that....) - though times vary from 5 seconds (which is 'long', IMHO) to OVER 60 seconds! ConsoleWrite("various states disabled/hidden " & Round(TimerDiff($timer) / 1000, 2) & ' sec' & @crlf) ; ************************************ read from / update
  21. Hello, I've created a script for a Bingo / Lottery kind of game in PHP. Now I want to make this a standalone application in AutoIT. I really dont know how to do that as i´m just a Autoit-beginner. Can you help me with it? In general I have the following files: data.csv - the "database" where the bingo-numbers are stored, together with the name of the candidate index.htm - to show the 'program' in a browser input.php - to take care of input results.php - to show the winners numbers.txt - the winning numbers to compare with I have the following files: Input.php: <!DOCTYPE HT
  22. Hello, I can't find anything helpful in the forums about querying a Firebird database. Does anyone know if this can be done and how? Thanks
  23. Wow.. It's been a long time since I last used AutoIT ^^ I am currently making games with Construct2 and learning to set up multiplayer games. Since I kinda find AutoIT similar to C2 (Easy use and single threaded(I think C2 is single threaded...)) I wondered if a login or database check for "is online" is possible for autoit? And if it is reasonable to make it with a single threaded application. And if this is one of the things that are taboo to talk about!
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