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Found 10 results

  1. Good evening everyone I am working with Word UDF ( thanks @water! ), and, especially, with the function _Word_DocFindReplace(). The replace does work everywhere in the document, but, it does not work in Headers or Footers. Am I missing something or am I forced to use the code below? I have already looked in the Help file ( about _Word_DocFindReplace() ), but there are no mentions about replace text in Headers/Footers. Sub FindAndReplaceFirstStoryOfEachType() Dim rngStory As Range For Each rngStory In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges With rngStory.Find .Text = &
  2. hello dears First I would like to apologize to you for my many questions. I have a new question if you allow I am programming an audio player for blinds I had a problem I put an option in the folders context menu to Opens the audio files that in the selected folder I did not know how to make the Autoit Search the subfolders Please provide an example of how to search for files in the subfolders Let's say, for example, MP3 files Just give me a simple example and I will try to modify it as appropriate for the program I designing it Please help me to find the solution Thanks
  3. Using the alarm received parameter how to search for the picture that matches the year month day hour min and sec and by the name of the .jpg file the jpg file naming format is first letter is always m followed by last two digits of year then two digit month two digit day two digit hour two digit minute and two digit second then get that picture and paste it in Microsoft Excel.How to do it? Please help me. Thank you.
  4. Hello guys, I'm working on this script: $search = GUICtrlCreateButton("Search", 10, 10, 90, 30) $find = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 710, 10, 200, 25) GUICtrlSetState($find, $GUI_DISABLE) $ok_find = GUICtrlCreateButton("Find", 925, 10, 65, 25) GUICtrlSetState($ok_find, $GUI_DISABLE) Case $search GUICtrlSetState($ok_trova, $GUI_ENABLE) GUICtrlSetState($trova, $GUI_ENABLE) _GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort($list, $g_bSortSense, 0, False) _GUICtrlListView_DeleteAllItems($list) $File_txt = _FileListToArray("\\PATH\", "*.ini&qu
  5. I was looking to find the MIME type of a file using AutoIt and found a function to do it but it only detects the 26 hardcoded, test, MIME types and returns 0 if the file is not one of the few hardcoded MIME's... So I decided to throw a function together... It detects 249 MIME types via the files extention. The thing is it dedects only by the extention; and not by actually checking the file. True MIME Finder: Supports 26 MIME Types ; sample usage $file = "c:\file path\file.txt" $mime_type = __GetMIMEByCode($file) MsgBox(0, "MIME Type:", $mime_type) ; the function Func __GetMIMEByCode($f_
  6. I searched around for the best way to this and am still a bit lost. I am trying to find the last non-empty cell in a column in Excel. In the past, there was a function _ExcelSheetUsedRangeGet($oExcel, $vSheet) in >this thread. However, much has changed since then and when I downloaded it I could not find that function to see how it worked. Google found this site for me which offered a couple of promising looking approaches: They are in VBA. I usually can convert VBA but I am not 100% on these. The first approach looks a lot like it should convert easily to _Excel_RangeFind but I a
  7. How can I programatically find the styles of all the sentences on a Microsoft Word document? I tried this code but it didn't work: #include <Word.au3> Global $oWord, $oDoc $oWord = _Word_Create() $oDoc = _Word_DocGet($oWord, 1) Local $sCount = $oDoc.Sentences.Count For $i = 0 To $sCount - 1 Local $oRange = _Word_DocRangeSet($oDoc, -1, $wdSentence, $i, $wdSentence, 1) ConsoleWrite("The style of this sentence is: " & $oRange.Style & @LF) Next
  8. Hi everyone! (again).. I am trying to cross-reference user input with a .txt file.. or at least thats what the plan is.. before i get way too heavily involved.. is it possible to have the user input a date (November 6 2012) and then search a .txt file that has "November 6 2012 : xxxxx:xxxxx:xxxxx" and pull out the xxxxx:xxxxx:xxxxx, and use that as a string? OR, should i transfer that data into a global array? THANKS@
  9. The program is supposed to search for *.pst files, then copy the results to a server share. What am I doing wrong? It doesn't seem to be doing anything. $nMsg = GUIGetMsg() Switch $nmsg Case $bckuppst While 1 $pst1=FileFindFirstFile("*.pst") FileCopy($pst1, "\\majordc01\backups\" & @UserName, 8) $pst2=FileFindNextFile($pst1) FileCopy($pst2, "\\majordc01\backups\" & @UserName, 8) if @error then ExitLoop WEnd EndSwitch Thanks!
  10. _FileFindEx Get More from File/Folder Searches (formerly _WinAPI_FileFind) Since it's always bugged me that the AutoIT implementation of 'FindFirstFile' and 'FindNextFile' only returned filenames and that extra calls had to be made to get file-size, attributes, short-names, and date/time of file creation,last-access, & last-modification which severely increased the amount of time it took to properly analyze the contents of a folder and it's files, I decided to create an alternative. This uses the same Windows calls as AutoIT, except it returns all the information that it rightful
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