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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone I am happy to share this UDF with you which, as you may have read from the title, allows you to emulate multithreading without memory or functionality limitations. This UDF permit you to initialize different process and execute all code you want,is verry seample exciange information between Threads using this UDF. This system is good because allow you to execute any kind of code in backgorund or not, with no limitations. Sure you have to deal with the message system to turn them into commands and data exchange but it's not that complicated, anyway I'm working
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this video we'll cover one way to multi-thread image searches. While its technically not true multi-threading, but it works the same as if it were true multithreading. I don't explain how to do image searching or how to do multi-threading in this video, to find them you'll have to check my playlist on how to use autoit
  3. Hello, I have A simple question about http request. What would be the fastest way to send mupltiple http request at the same time with autoit? The only way i figured out was to to start multiple processes. This way works fine but its not really a good way. What user would like to see 15 processes running in the background at the same time. I know multithread is also not available in autoit.
  4. Here is an old goodie from ms demonstrating concepts behind multithreading and using mutexes to control sharing the screen. Its unfortunately just a console application so you have to press compile (f7) to run (can get annoying if you want to play with the code) but still pretty cool :). Each little question mark box (could be any character (used to be a smiley face in win 7)) is its own thread keeping track of its own coordinates. Each thread shares the screenmutex by kinda waiting in line for ownership of it. When the thread gains control it updates the screen, then releases the mutex for th
  5. Hi every body! I have a small questions to the C pros befor I go making something long and boring: I am creating a wrapper to GLFW, all OpenGL related stuff works well (creating a window, loading textures...), so it's good for this (PS: i'm gonna post it when i'm done) But, GLFW has some multithreading functions (see the doc) and i just wanna know il AutoIt will be capable of getting these functions to work? I mean, introducing Multithreading to AutoIt!!! I wanna know this befor making the wrappers, and find my self lost precious time! Thanks for answering!
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