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Found 6 results

  1. Utter is a free ware windows API automation script.It can do most of the sapi dll functions."SAPI" stands for Windows Speech Reconition API,SAPI.dll is the file which manages the speech recognition of windows Utter utilises most of the SAPI functions making use of the best potential of SAPI.dll,You can include speech recognition to your project by using utter. Utter zipped and updated (new version with examples) Modified ......: 12/04/2017 Version .......: Author ........: Surya I am new to autoit it sounds great and i love it while i am getting used to it so i
  2. Version 3. 0. 0. 1


    Utter is simply a UDF created for the maximum utilization of SAPI (Speech Recognition API) in windows you can add your own words to be recognized by the computer you can set speed,picth and select the voice you want by speech synthesis included in windows.Utter can create a free grammar recognition engine as well as custom made grammar recognition engine suiting according to your need also it is flexible.The shutdown function of the UDF must be called before calling another one to destroy the current engine running when autoit closes the engine will also close many functionalities are included
  3. Hello all" I have curious problem with com object implementation of Sapi 5.1. In some cases }Some Voice engines] the metods for retrieve the voice parameters fails with error :Member not exists:. But the Retrieved Voice object can speak the given text, so It exists and work. Example of this type of Engine can be this one: http://download.kobavision.be/KobaSpeech3/KobaSpeech 3 With Vocalizer Serena - English (Great Britain).exe (can work as demo) So my question is> Is there some way to workaround or solve this issue? What i tryed: 1. Typical use of Sapi.spvoice object:
  4. How to make AutoIt Detect Sounds using the Microphone Input to hear you what you said
  5. Modified version of code here: #include <File.au3> #include <Misc.au3> ;Only allow one instance of the program to run. If _Singleton("Voice Commands", 1) = 0 Then Exit EndIf Dim $spokenWords Dim $voiceCommands = _FileListToArray(@WorkingDir & "\Voice Commands") Dim $voiceCommandsCap = $voiceCommands[0] Dim $voiceCommandName Dim $splitCommand Dim $splitRecognition Dim $parameter Dim $sendParameter Dim $count Dim $skipSearch Dim $transcriptionMode Global $h_Context = ObjCreate("SAPI.SpInProcRecoContext") Global $h_Recognizer = $h_Context.Recognizer Global $h_Grammar = $h_
  6. TinyClipToSpeech v Read Clipboard Text Content using Sapi Voice Access to all commands by Tray menu. If you doesn't have Sapi5 installed, script ask for download it. I know there is already some Text to speech scripts, but i wanted an easy access ( clipboard content and tray menu ) and the possibility to change voice and settings while reading. Text can be displayed on desktop gradually as what is read. You can also save text to mp3 without need of read it. My preference goes to Scansoft voices, easy to found and install and with a good pronunciation qualty. As usual, so
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