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Found 17 results

  1. This UDF was created for give any kind of support for GDPR solutions in AutoIt. #include "GDPR.au3" #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_AU3Check=Y #AutoIt3Wrapper_Au3Check_Parameters=-d -w 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w 4 -w 5 -w 6 -w 7 #Tidy_Parameters=/sort_funcs /reel ; #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Debug_Mode=Y _Example() Func _Example() _GDPR_Crypter_Wrapper(_Example_Crypter) Local $sText = 'AutoIt v3 is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting.' MsgBox(0, @ScriptLineNumber, _GDPR_Anonymize_String($sText)) Local $dCr
  2. Q1) How to do GUIDelete() while using the script when a specific process starts? Q2) How to change (X) "Close"button behavior? Q3) I am VPS Retailer and i want to control my Users that uses bad programs, such as Port Scanners and so on... I had created script to tell me what are they doing, but they removes my script from Windows Registry Startup paths, Common Startup paths, Task Schedules and so on... How to make my script protect itself from being closed and start as main process of windows at startup?
  3. Hi all, I am working on a GUI program to update Google's Dynamic DNS (API at https://support.google.com/domains/answer/6147083?authuser=1&hl=en if you scroll to bottom). I am not a programmer by any means - just a sysadmin who has picked up on some things along the way. I am sure that there's better ways to do a lot of things in this script; I'm just going with what I know. My challenge right now is that I'd like a better way to store the credentials both in memory as well as in system registry or INI file (not sure which way I want to go for local storage). How should I convert
  4. Hello. Im trying to make my scripts safe - unnable to decompile. I search for obfuscators and other security methods but the search has come to nothing. Then one guy gave that idea below. If I rightly understood this idea lets we talk about example program with this secutiy method. Program have two parts, first is only login gui and the second part is the main program Second part (main program) is uploaded on ftp server lets say that on http://xxx/autoit/main_program.au3 So we have the first gui with login, we put correctly login and pass and this is the moment when code
  5. @Blueman @Damein Dear all, I couldn't find anything that related exactly to what I'm trying to achieve although I did find some examples from the two people I've tagged in which has gotten me so far. I understand this topic could be a contentious issue and perhaps that's why there's no threads that I could find that relate directly to it. If the subject is taboo then I'll completely understand it if this thread is deleted. I want to write a program that periodically posts the IP address and Geo/GPS location data to me some way e.g. ftp/POST/email - the back-story is below.
  6. #cs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AutoIt Version: Author: usmiv4o Script Function: AutoIt script to check if files in directory are changed. It is usefull for security contra-inteligense measures. Function Name: LoadTripwireDB() Description: Loads database (text file tripwire.txt) and compare files in /test folder for changes. compares Hash (MD5) checksums. If they are not the same starts Initial() Function Name: Initial() Description: Checks directory and makes index of files and their M
  7. ; Title .........: Password ; AutoIt Version : ; Description ...: UDF to work with passwords. Mostly ported from Javascript at http:rumkin.com/tools/password/passchk.php and improved a bit ; Author(s) .....: Fenzik + Team Adaptech ; #CURRENT# ===================================================================================================================== ;_Password_Generate ;_Password_GetcharsetSize ;_Password_GetEntropy ;_Password_IsCommonWord ;_Password_Startup ; ===========================================================================================
  8. I am writing an obfuscator currently with quite a few features, as I have found no good obfuscators yet that are complex enough to be nearly impossible to deobfuscate (as of course it is impossible to reach a 100% level of obfuscation where no one can deobfuscate it). Current obfuscation methods include flow obfuscation, string encryption, proxy calls, unique renaming scheme (create gibberish WinAPI like name), junk codes, and removing all functions (merging them with the main script), traps to prevent automated deobfuscation, debugger detection, VM detection, moving strings to other part
  9. is it a good option to use _Crypt_DecryptData for a small password manager utility for personal use ?
  10. Hi, please have a look at this vulnerability: https://packetstormsecurity.com/files/137077/AutoIT-3-DLL-Hijacking.html You have not replied for months, so it is already public now.
  11. I am looking for a way to set up either VIRTUAL_PROTECT or PAGE_GUARD for memory protection. I currently don't know how to do this, I have made the encryption for my EXE Protector, the RunPE module, and basically everything that I need. I also have made an advanced obfuscation tool, which I might release here on the forums in the future, to make sure the code is impossible to be understood. However, people can dump the original EXE from memory when I am injecting it. So how would I implement VIRTUAL_PROTECT, PAGE_GUARD or other methods of protecting memory?
  12. How secure is: _Crypt_EncryptFile _Crypt_DecryptFileI understand the strength of encryption is mainly down to the algorithm and password, but I’m not referring to either of these, I am looking to find out how strong the code behind crypt it. I have noticed when encrypting a file, it uses a “.tmp” file while encrypting. In my experience a “.tmp” file is temporary and is deleted after use. But does this file contain any data that is related to the file being encrypted, or worse the password itself. Even though the file is deleted, it could possibly be recovered with a tool like: https://www
  13. Is it possible to display text in a GUI which cannot be detected by any tool (Ex. AutoIt Window Info)?
  14. http://sf.net/projects/softwarepolicy Basically, allows you to control which disk locations executables can be launched from. No changes to core functionality in this version, but better compatibility wtith Windows 7 and 8 when UAC/UAE is enabled.
  15. I will start that post like all my others sry for my bad english and HI! Ok everyone i got that script Opt("MouseCoordMode", 0) Opt("PixelCoordMode", 0) HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "Pause") HotKeySet("{ESCAPE}", "Exite") HotKeySet("{F1}", "Login1") HotKeySet("{F2}", "Login2") HotKeySet("{F3}", "Login3") HotKeySet("{F4}", "Login4") HotKeySet("{F5}", "Login5") Global $Paused Dim $var Dim $p MsgBox ( 0, "Merci", "Developpé par Jordane ***.") $SettingsFile = @SCRIPTDIR & '\Settings.ini' ;Emplacement du fichier ini pour le script $Login1 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'Login', 'Login1', "Cor
  16. Hello, don't worry I don't inted to hack anything. I'm trying to make app that gathers information real time info from pokerstars (what everyone has done etc.) and when I normally try to select the text, which automatic dealer says, it works all fine. But when I make my script do that nothing happens, I bet pokerstars somehow blocks my autoit mousecommands. What to do? Ps. it works fine with other windows than pokerstars..
  17. I need to elevate certain applications, when launched, to run with an elevated (administrator level) security token. The token swap can happen on the fly or as an application wrapper. I have looked at several applications and find them ok, one even stands out above the rest, however my company is in extreme cost savings and are unable/unwilling to spend the money. I have seen Functions such as _Security__CreateProcessWithToken and _Security__AdjustTokenPrivileges, but I am still relatively new to AutoIT and am not sure how to utilize some of the advanced features. I appreciate any help. T
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