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Execute, what can be done?

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Working on a project to make a client, what i want to do is make the client as light weight as possible, and not atleast i want to keep updating the client to a bare minimum.

So i got to thinking would it be possible to "transfer" code i want executed, and how complicated can i go?

$result = Execute('Msgbox(4+32,"Question","My question here....")')
ConsoleWrite("key " & $result & @CRLF)

Would it be possible to execute a function?

All input appreciated :)

UDF:Crypter a file encrypt / decrypt tool with no need to remember a password again. Based on Caesar cipher using entire ASCII Table.Script's: PixelSearch Helper, quick and simple way to create a PixelSeach.Chatserver - simplified, not so complicated multi-socket server.AutoIT - Firewall, simple example on howto create a firewall with AutoIt.

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Better solution: Write the incoming script (the update) to a new file. Run the compiled AutoIt executable containing your script with the /AutoIt3ExecuteScript and tell it to run the new script.

That will effectively create an automatic updater.

Alternatively, you can tell it to download compiled scripts. If you have any idea what you are doing, you can even make sure that everything stays in one executable, all the time.

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