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how to use xmldomwrapper udf with html files...


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I want to get cetain value of a text node with the help of xmldomwrapper....

I have posted the source of the page and also an screenshot.In the screen shot u would see word..'Sangrur' in a table below the cell "STATION NAME".I want to get this text with xml domwrapper udf . Please help with this problem.

i had tried but was not able to get it.So i just wanted an xample so that i could proceed further


Uploader was not able to upload this page source so here it is..:





<BODY><table border="0" cellPadding="0" cellSpacing="0" width="95%"><tr> <td align="center"> <FONT SIZE = "1">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Indian Railways Online Website: <b><a TITLE = "Passenger Reservation System - CONCERT" href="http://www.indianrail.gov.in/index.html" target="_blank">http://www.indianrail.gov.in</b></a> designed and hosted by CRIS.</FONT> </td></tr></table>





<H1>Station Names with Station Codes </H1>

<table border="0" width="1005" >


<td width="526">

<TABLE BORDER = "1" ALIGN=center font size:1>

<CAPTION> You Queried For </CAPTION>


<TH ALIGN = left>Input String</TH>




<TH ALIGN = left>Search On</TH>

<TH ALIGN = left>Start String</TH>



<TH ALIGN = left>Sort Type</TH>

<TH ALIGN = left>Station Name</TH>



<TABLE BORDER = "1" ALIGN=center font size:1>






<TD> <font size="1">SANGRUR </font></TD>

<TD> <font size="1">SAG </font></TD>




<td width="469" valign="top" align="left" ><div id="narrow_ads_bottom"></div></td>





Edited by Piyush

[font="Comic Sans MS"][size="7"]Piyush.....[/size][/font][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="2"]Some Of My Scripts...Cool Font Generator Train Searcher and Tracer[/size][/font]

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Why not using Regex ?

Scripts & functions Organize Includes Let Scite organize the include files

Yahtzee The game "Yahtzee" (Kniffel, DiceLion)

LoginWrapper Secure scripts by adding a query (authentication)

_RunOnlyOnThis UDF Make sure that a script can only be executed on ... (Windows / HD / ...)

Internet-Café Server/Client Application Open CD, Start Browser, Lock remote client, etc.

MultipleFuncsWithOneHotkey Start different funcs by hitting one hotkey different times

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i just wanted the xpath to the html element.

You can't use the xmldomwrapper for html-documents.

But you can use:

- the FF.au3 with _FFXPath

- this UDF:


example (your html-source is the text.html in this case):

#include <_HTML.au3>

$HTML = FileRead("c:\\test.html")
MsgBox(0,"",_HTML_GetText($HTML, "td", "", "", 1) )

- or this function:

#Region Includes
#include <IE.au3>
#EndRegion Includes

Func Main()

    Global $oIE = _IECreate("c:\test.html")

    MsgBox(0, "", _IE_XPath("//table[3]//tr/td[1]/table[2]//tr[2]/td[1]") )

EndFunc   ;==>Main

; #FUNCTION# ===================================================================
; Name ..........: _IE_XPath
; Description ...:
; AutoIt Version : V3.3.0.0
; Syntax ........: _IE_XPath($sXPath[, $sAttribute = "innerText"[, $sIE = "$oIE"]])
; Parameter(s): .: $sXPath      -
;                                 supported @attributes: name | id
;                                 supported functions: position()
;                  $sAttribute  - Optional: (Default = "innerText") :
;                  $sIE         - Optional: (Default = "$oIE") :
; Return Value ..: Success      - string or object
;                  Failure      - empty string
;                  @ERROR       - 1 : No IE-Object
;                                 2 : Attribute not supported
;                                 3 : Error executing statement
; Author(s) .....: Thorsten Willert
; Date ..........: Wed Jan 06 14:17:56 CET 2010
; Version .......: 0.11
; ==============================================================================
Func _IE_XPath($sXPath, $sAttribute = "innerText", $sIE = "$oIE")

    If Not Execute( "IsObj(" & $sIE & ")" ) Then Return SetError(1,0,"")

    Local $a = StringSplit($sXPath, "/")
    Local $aTMP, $pos, $ind, $seg
    Local $sElement = $sIE & ".document", $sSel = "getElementsByTagName"

    For $i = 1 To $a[0]
        $ind = 0
        $seg = StringRegExpReplace($a[$i], '(.*?)\[.*?\]', '$1')
        If StringInStr($a[$i], "[") Then
            $ind = StringRegExpReplace($a[$i], '.*?\[\s*(\d+)\s*\]', '$1') - 1
        If StringInStr($a[$i], "@") Then
            $pos = StringRegExpReplace($a[$i], '.*?\[.*?position\s*\(\)\s*=\s*(\d+).*?\]', '$1') -1
            If $pos = -1 Then $pos = 0
            $aTMP =  StringRegExp($a[$i], '.*?@(\w+)\s*=\s*(''|")(\w+)\2', 3)
            Switch $aTMP[0]
                Case "id"
                    $sSel = "getElementById"
                    $sElement &= StringFormat(".%s('%s')", $sSel, $aTMP[2])
                Case "name"
                    $sSel = "getElementsByName"
                    $sElement &= StringFormat(".%s('%s').item(%s)", $sSel, $aTMP[2], $pos)
                Case Else
                    Return SetError(2,0,"")
            If $seg Then $sElement &= StringFormat(".%s('%s').item(%s)", $sSel, $seg, $ind)


    If $sAttribute Then $sElement &= "." & $sAttribute

    ConsoleWrite("_IE_XPath: " & $sElement & @CRLF)

    Local $r = Execute($sElement)
    If @error Then Return SetError(3,0,"")

    Return $r
EndFunc   ;==>_IE_XPath
Edited by Stilgar
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