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Transparent group background

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I have looked about, but can only find threads about wanting transparency. Im sure it has been covered but I cannot find anything.

I do not, yet a group in my code is transparent anyway :D

Here is a reproducer of my problem

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

Global $aOld_Theme
Global $sTitle = "Problem GUI"

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Exit")


Func _Window()

    Local $ojt, $AX, $msg, $problemgroup, $label

    $ojt = ObjCreate("Shell.Explorer.2")
    GUICreate($sTitle, 1024, 768, 0, 0, BitOR($WS_POPUP, $WS_BORDER, $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS, $WS_CLIPCHILDREN))
    GUISetBkColor(0x000000, $sTitle)
    GUICtrlSetDefColor(0xFFFFFF); <<=========================================== Thanks for the tip Melba
    $AX = GUICtrlCreateObj($ojt, 122, 96, 781, 576)
    $problemgroup = GUICtrlCreateGroup("Problem Group", 340, 680, 350, 65); << This group is transparent
    ;GUICtrlSetBkColor($problemgroup,0x000000); <<================================= This does not fix it
    $label = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Label", 350, 700, 200, 15)
    $button = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button",750, 680, 50, 25)

    While 1
        $msg = GUIGetMsg()
            Case $msg = $button
EndFunc   ;==>_Window

Func KillThemes($fState); <<============= Function found on forum, Thanks Melba23, and whoever wrote it.
    If Not StringInStr(@OSType, "WIN32_NT") Then Return 0
    If $fState Then
        $aOld_Theme = DllCall("uxtheme.dll", "int", "GetThemeAppProperties")
        DllCall("uxtheme.dll", "none", "SetThemeAppProperties", "int", 0)
        Return 1
    ElseIf IsArray($aOld_Theme) Then
        DllCall("uxtheme.dll", "none", "SetThemeAppProperties", "int", $aOld_Theme[0])
        $aOld_Theme = ""
        Return 1
    Return 0
EndFunc   ;==>KillThemes

Func _Exit()
EndFunc   ;==>_Exit

I can see the desktop through the group control which is ugly.

Would appreciate any tips to have it adopt the colour of the rest of the GUI ?

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