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Reorganize StringRegExp()

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Is it possible to adjust the way regular expressions working in AutoIt?

It will be very nice if we could write:

if StringRegExp($sLine, "Some text (\d+)") Then MsgBox(0, "", $LastMatch[0])

So, I propose special variable(array) in AutoIt, that will consists of last matches done with StringRegExp()

I could be named $LastMatch[x] or something shorter.

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Well if StringRegExp return array (look at [, flag ] in felp file for command) you can use msgbox $LastMatch[$LastMatch[0]]

_ArrayInsert($LastMatch, 0, UBound($LastMatch))

That shud put nuber of lines from array in first array [0] if its not already there that is :D

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If you need the results, you have to write 2 lines, thats not too much :D And it is cleaner code.

$aResults = StringRegExp("test", "s", 1)
If Not @error Then MsgBox(0, '', $aResults[0])
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