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I want to make some text files, but there basically scripts. For example;

showwin title
winmove title 0 0

But the autoit detects errors, invalid things etc. How would I go about creating this?

Obviously I'd translate this script into;

WinMove("title", "", 0, 0)

But I won't just remake autoit functions, that's just an example.

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Loop through each line.

Develop a StringRegExp (flag 3 or something) extract each element from the function so:

functionname "parm with text" "param text" 3 4

Then loop through a list of functions, use the returned values from the previous string regexp to plug the data in:

Switch $function_name
case "showwin"
case ...

Give something like that a go! :(

EDIT: JohnOne- I believe he wants the ability to make certain snippets for a program to be able to automate without having to rewrite the AutoIt code?



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