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List of handles ?

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Hello ,

I d like to ask if its possible to do the following : Lets say i have my program that does somethink and i want to run this program 2 times on 2 windows with sure they will have different handles but i d like to ask how to get handles of both windows if they have same name?

Thank you ! :(

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Here's a little example code I put together :

ShellExecute ('Notepad'); Run 1st notepad.
ProcessWait ('Notepad.exe'); Wait till its opened.
ShellExecute ('Notepad'); Run 2nd notepad.
Sleep (1000); Wait till 2nd notepad is open.

$HWnDs = _WinGetMultiHWnDs ('Untitled - Notepad'); Get handles of all windows titled "Untitled - Notepad"

ConsoleWrite ('Windows Found : ' & $HWnDs[0] & @CRLF); $HWnDs[0] returns the amout of windows found.

For $A = 1 To $HWnDs[0]
    ConsoleWrite (WinGetTitle ($HWnDs[$A]) & ' - ' & $HWnDs[$A] & @CRLF); Display the results.

Func _WinGetMultiHWnDs ($Title)
$List = WinList ($Title)
Local $Return[$List[0][0] + 1]
$Return[0] = $List[0][0]
For $A = 1 To $List[0][0]
    $Return[$A] = $List[$A][1]
Return $Return

Hope this helps!

- John

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Thank youuu ! this is perfect :(

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