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SetPixel close dll question

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I used this sample as a reference & made my script, but I have 2 questions:


Is there an easy way to delete the rectangle after I move my mouse to new position? Right now it just keeps creating new rectangles. Or I need to get the pixels from my mouse coordinates, put them into array & then replace my old rectangle with those pixels to create illusion that the rectangle was deleted?


Im I doing this right? Closing resources? Honestly I have no clue what im doing with those objects & dlls.

Edit: I asked around & it seems I need to get pixels, then use pen to draw rectangle, & then use pen to redraw the old pixels after all.

HotKeySet( "{ESC}", "Get_Exit")

    Global $Mpos_x = "", $Mpos_y = "", $line = ""
    $LineColor = 0x0000ff; color BGR
    $LineWidth = 1

    Global $user_dll = DllOpen('user32.dll')
    Global $gdi_dll = DllOpen("gdi32.dll")

    while 1

        $pos = MouseGetPos()

            $Mpos_x = $pos[0]
            $Mpos_y = $pos[1]

            _make_Rectangle(25,30) ; size 10x10 [x,y]


Func _make_Rectangle($x_len,$y_len)

;~  ## First Line right
    $hd = DllCall($user_dll, "int", "GetDC", "hwnd", 0)
    $pen = DllCall($gdi_dll, "int", "CreatePen", "int", 0, "int", $LineWidth, "int", $LineColor)
    $obj_orig = DLLCall($gdi_dll,"int","SelectObject","int",$hd[0],"int",$pen[0])

    DllCall($gdi_dll, "int", "MoveToEx", "hwnd", $hd[0], "int", $Mpos_x, "int", $Mpos_y, "int", 0)
    DllCall($gdi_dll, "int", "LineTo", "hwnd", $hd[0], "int", $Mpos_x+$x_len, "int", $Mpos_y)

;~  ## then Line down
    $pos_1_x = $Mpos_x+$x_len
    $pos_1_y = $Mpos_y
    $pos_2_x = $Mpos_x+$x_len
    $pos_2_y = $Mpos_y+$y_len

    DllCall($gdi_dll, "int", "MoveToEx", "hwnd", $hd[0], "int", $pos_1_x, "int", $pos_1_y, "int", 0)
    DllCall($gdi_dll, "int", "LineTo", "hwnd", $hd[0], "int", $pos_2_x, "int", $pos_2_y)

    DllCall($user_dll, "int", "ReleaseDC", "hwnd", 0, "int", $hd[0])


Func Get_Exit()
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