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Reading from a TXT File Help

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Hey guys, so currently my script reads values from an INI file I.E










Each time my loop continues, it goes to the next "input" line in the Ini file.

This is really inefficient because i have to constantly change the input values. It would be immensely easier for me to just copy paste my input values in a Txt file,

and have the script read each line as a separate input, and when the loop continues, it goes to the next line.







How is this done?

And another question would be (provided my first question is accomplished), can i make the script 'ignore' the first x characters in each line? Say line 1 "aaaaaaaaa" I want it to ignore the first 3 characters, and only take the rest.

Thanks guys.

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You do it line by line like so:

Just go check filereadline() and stringtrimleft() (And the general string processing) in help

$line = FileReadLine($file) ;read from ini

$line = stringtrimleft($line.......) ; trim characters from the left

filewriteline($txt,$line) ;write to text

Until @error = -1

You can do it with fileread then, stringregexp, but this way is simpler if you don't know how

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