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send key hold help

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hi im new to autoit and need help

send ("{x down}")

sleep (2000)

send ("{x up}")

when i execute that script the x are not been hold down why?

in notepad it should be like this xxxxxxxxxxxx cause i hold the key down for 2000 using sleep command instead i only get one x only..im not trying to send x 10x..what i want is to make the key hold down work..

sorry for my bad english

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This should do what you need, it will just press x continually for 2 seconds.

$TimeStamp = TimerInit() ;Create timestamp
While TimerDiff($TimeStamp) < 2000 ;While the timestamp is less than 2 seconds old, do this

Send("{x down/up}") is for use with key combinations, so stuff like Send("{x down}y{x up}") would be like holding x and pressing y, then releasing both.

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