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If a specific window exists at any time during the script?

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How can I look for a specific window to appear at any time during the script?

I my example, the AutoPlay window might pop up at any time during my script and I would like to minimize it if it does. I know that

If WinExists("AutoPlay") Then WinSetState("AutoPlay","",@SW_HIDE)
would do the trick, but is there a way to get this to run throughout the duration of the AutoIt script (without just pasting it in every other line)?



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Func _HideWindow()
    If WinExists("AutoPlay") Then
        WinSetState("AutoPlay", "", @SW_HIDE)

Read about AdlibRegister in the helpfile before using it.

This is just one way of doing it, there are others such as just adding the function in your script loop.

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