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Hi all!

I'm newbie in autoit scripting and i was wondering can u good ppl give me a hand.

I am playing a game where u must use the right mouse button all the time. the problem is that my right mouse button skips. When i press and hold it it usually clicks a couple of times and it's not very pleasant.

I would really appreciate if someone helps me in writing a scrip where i can swap my right mouse button with some keyboard key (Shift for example), but the keyboard to work as a mouse button, I mean if I keep the shift key pressed the right mouse button responds as it is held down, and when I release the shift, the mouse button releases too.

Thanks in advance!

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You will need to do a while loop with _IsPressed and MouseClick, MouseDown and MouseUp in it.

A starting example may be:

#include <Misc.au3>

$dll = DllOpen("user32.dll");needed to recognise hex keys, Example: 10 is Shift

While 1;endless loop until the script is open
        Case _IsPressed("10",$dll);if shift is pressed
            MouseClick("Right");then perform a right click
            Sleep(100);and wait 100 milliseconds
        EndSelect;add as many cases as u need to simulate right mouse click

It's very primitive but I hope u got the idea.

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I posted in the wrong thread :mellow: I'll try again

Heres a way to get you started

HotKeySet("a", "_Toggle_RM_DU") ; set a hotkey

$bState = False ; Set state

While 1
    Sleep(100) ; loop to keep script alive

Func _Toggle_RM_DU()
    $bState = Not $bState ;change the state
    If $bState Then ; check state is true
        MouseDown("right") ; right mouse down
        MouseUp("right") ; right mouse up
        $bState = False ; return state to false

There will be other swankier ways

Tip: pick a hotkey that your application does not use.

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