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FileDelete problem

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Ok... Below is the part of the code Im having a problem with...

Im using FileInstall for the 2 7zip files needed.

Then at the end im using FileDelete to remove the 7zip files.

Problem is the filedelete is not removing the 2 files...

Any help would be appreciated.

Func _x64()
    TrayTip('Windows® Defender® definition updates addon maker', '        is compiling files. Please wait ...', 120, 1)
    FileInstall ("C:\aa\7z.dll", @ScriptDir & "\7z.dll")
    FileInstall ("C:\aa\7z.exe", @ScriptDir & "\7z.exe")
    Local $x64_vers, $x64ProdName, $x64_msg, $size_plugin, $line_plugin, $silent_x64, $size_sfx
    $x64_vers = FileGetVersion($download & 'mpas-fex64.exe')
    $x64ProdName = FileGetVersion($download & 'mpas-fex64.exe', 'ProductName')
    $x64_msg = $x64ProdName & " " & $x64_vers & ' for Windows 7 (x64)'
    $silent_x64 = 'mpas-fex64' & '.exe'
    If FileExists($workdir) Then
        DirRemove($workdir, 1)
    FileCopy($download & $x64, $workdir & $x64, 9)
    RunWait(@ScriptDir & '\7z a -mx=9 ' & '"..\compresed.7z"' & ' *.exe', $workdir, @SW_HIDE)
    RunWait('CMD /c copy /b Binary64\x64.sfx+Binary64\x64.cfg+compresed.7z ' & '"' & $svcpack & $sfx_x64_plugin & '"', '', @SW_HIDE)
    FileDelete(@ScriptDir & '\compresed.7z')
    FileDelete($workdir & 'mpas-fex64.exe')
    FileMove($svcpack & $sfx_x64_plugin, $Temp1 & $silent_x64, 9)
    FileDelete($download & 'mpas-fex64.exe')
    FileCopy($Binary & $Tasks, $Temp & $Tasks, 9)
    FileCopy($Binary & $Install, $Temp2 & $Install, 9)
    FileCopy($Binary & $Reg, $Temp & $Reg, 9)
    RunWait(@ScriptDir & '\7z a -mx=9 ' & '"..\Reapers_Definition_Update_For_Windows_Defender_x64_Windows7_AddOn.WA"', $Temp, @SW_HIDE)
    FileDelete($Temp & 'Tasks.txt')
    FileDelete($Temp & 'DefUpd.reg')
    FileDelete($Temp2 & 'Install.bat')
    FileDelete($Temp1 & 'mpas-fex64.exe')
    FileMove(@ScriptDir & "\Reapers_Definition_Update_For_Windows_Defender_x64_Windows7_AddOn.WA", @DesktopDir)
    FileDelete(@ScriptDir & '7z.dll')
    FileDelete(@ScriptDir & '7z.exe')
EndFunc   ;==>_x64

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I suspect the 2 files might be in use at the time you try to delete them.

The easiest thing to try is: sleep for a couple seconds before attempting to delete those files.

If it doesn't work, you'll need to check the process list for 7z and eventually terminate the process then try to delete the files.

Just my 2 cents.

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Well i tried the sleep...

No go....

I was watching task manager and 7z.exe closed well before the filedelete....

Still didnt delete the files... :blink:

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FileDelete(@ScriptDir & '7z.exe')

Should be:

FileDelete(@ScriptDir & '\7z.exe')


Is $workdir a global var with trailing backslash?


Global $workdir = @ScriptDir & '\'

or inside the function:

Local $workdir = @ScriptDir & '\'

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Thanks to both of you for your help.

That did it... File gets deleted fine now...


Global $workdir = @ScriptDir & '\workdir\'

Ok... 1 final question if you dont mind...

I would like to have this program check that the computer

it is being run on has internet access..

If it does, just continue as normal.

If it doesn't, pop up a message saying "This program requires internet access, yada yada yada..."

How would I go about doing that?

I really appreciate both of you taking time to help me. Thank you.

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