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Starting a function at start, list/conditional question

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Hey everyone.

This is a script for clicking through some bookmarks. I could just, you know, use my mouse, but where's the fun in that? It does work, I'm just wondering how to... streamline it.

First, the script presses the 'g' key at the beginning to start the "Go" function. Can I get it to start the "Go" function when I start the script without making it press 'g'?

Second, I'm willing to bet that there's a much more efficient way to go through each of the mouse clicks than the huge list of 'ElseIf' commands.

I'm just asking because I want to see how I can write scripts more efficiently; this script by itself isn't exactly a challenge.

Global $spot = 1
HotKeySet ("{g}", "Go")
Send ( "{g}")

Func Go()
    If $spot = 1 Then
        MouseClick ( "left", 80, 880, 1, 2)
        WinWait ("Google")
        MouseClick ( "left", 315, 90, 1, 2)
        $spot = 2
    ElseIf $spot = 2 Then
        MouseClick ("left", 10, 65)
        WinWait ("The Escapist")
        $spot = 3
    ElseIf $spot = 3 Then
        MouseClick ("left", 30, 65)
        WinWait ("MLG")
        $spot = 4
    ElseIf $spot = 4 Then
        MouseClick ("left", 75, 65)
        WinWait ("Scottsdale")
        $spot = 5
    ElseIf $spot = 5 Then
        MouseClick ("left", 95, 65)
        WinWait ("Arizona")
        $spot = 6
    ElseIf $spot = 6 Then
        MouseClick ("left", 125, 65)
        $spot = 7

While $spot <> 7
    Sleep (100)

If $spot = 7 Then

I may or may not have to explain this, I don't know: the $spot variable and having everything in a... uh, "Func" function are so that the script waits for me to press 'g' while I look at a page, then continues. After the last page, it ends the script.

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Global $spot = 1


Func Go()
    local $aspot[6][3] = [[1,"Google",80,40],[2,"The Escapist",10,65],[3,"MLG",30,65], _
    For $i = 0 To UBound($aspot)-1
        If $spot = $aspot[$i][0] Then
            MouseClick ("left", $aspot[$i][2], $aspot[$i][3])
            WinWait ($aspot[$i][1])
            $spot = $i +1

While $spot <> 7
    Sleep (100)

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