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[NeedHelp] PixelGetColor *_*

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Case $Button4
            Until _IsPressed(01)
            $pos = MouseGetPos()
            $col = Pixelgetcolor($pos[0],$pos[1])
            MsgBox(0, "Mouse x,y:", $pos[0] & "," & $pos[1])
            Msgbox(0, "Color",$col)

I need to find the color of where u pressed on the screen.

but pixelgetcolor does strange, i dont get a good valid color.

Msgbox of $col says : 16777215 or something else like 15000142.

** if its wrong say it, and maybe fix it for me : ( then i have to need pixelsearch(,,,#col) something

How to fix this?

So i can use it for PixelSearch.

Thanks u !

Zanax ;)

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ConsoleWrite("0x" & StringTrimLeft(Hex(PixelGetColor($pos[0],$pos[1])),2)) ?

how to use it my script?

i need to search color on the place where i clicked.

then he most search color and click color if i pressed other button.

Doesnt now what consolewrite will do ( with helper )


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found this:


So now i get better results.


or 62321B

i gues that is what pixelsearch needs xd

i gues?

can someone give a example of pixelsearch $sColor and then click if found(mouse on it)

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