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So I decided I needed this, and wrote a nice workaround. Usage is simple:

#include "StringRegExpReplaceCallback.au3"

$sString = "%48%65%6C%6C%6F%2C%20%77%6F%72%6C%64%21"
MsgBox(0, $sString, StringRegExpReplaceCallback($sString, "%([0-9A-f]{2})", "Callback"))

Func Callback($asMatches)
    Return Chr(Dec($asMatches[1]))
EndFunc   ;==>Callback

How it works

It uses StringRegExp with the second option, and passes that array straight to the callback function. It then replaces the match with the return value of the callback by using StringLeft() & StringRight() so that that will be the only replacement made and will be accurate. It then increments the offset so that the same match won't be returned in the next loop.

The callback function is passed the array, and returns the replacement value. If it sets the @error flag to non-zero then the function will stop looping.

; #FUNCTION# =====================================================================================================================
; Name...........: StringRegExpReplaceCallback
; Description ...:
; Syntax.........: StringRegExpReplaceCallback($sString, $sPattern, $sFunc [, $iLimit ] )
; Parameters ....: $sString       - The input string.
;                  $sPattern      - The regular expression to compare. See StringRegExp for pattern definition characters.
;                  $sFunc         - The name of the user function to call.
;                  $iLimit        - [Optional] The max number of time to call the callback function. Default (zero) is unlimited.
; Return values .: Success        - The new string. The number of callbacks done.
;                  Failure        - Will return the original string and set the @error flag.
; Author ........: Mat
; Modified.......:
; Remarks .......: The callback function should have a single argument. This will be an array of matches, with the complete match
;                  in the first element.
; Related .......:
; Link ..........: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.preg-replace-callback.php
; Example .......: Yes
; ================================================================================================================================
Func StringRegExpReplaceCallback($sString, $sPattern, $sFunc, $iLimit = 0)
    Local $iOffset = 1, $iDone = 0, $iMatchOffset

    While True
        $aRes = StringRegExp($sString, $sPattern, 2, $iOffset)
        If @error Then ExitLoop

        $sRet = Call($sFunc, $aRes)
        If @error Then Return SetError(@error, $iDone, $sString)

        $iOffset = StringInStr($sString, $aRes[0], 1, 1, $iOffset)
        $sString = StringLeft($sString, $iOffset - 1) & $sRet & StringMid($sString, $iOffset + StringLen($aRes[0]))
        $iOffset += StringLen($sRet)

        $iDone += 1
        If $iDone = $iLimit Then ExitLoop

    Return SetExtended($iDone, $sString)
EndFunc   ;==>StringRegExpReplaceCallback

Download Link

Downloads so far is shown on the downloads page.


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Thats an interesting way to go about it. It took me a while to understand how it worked. Same principle and based on the php one as well. There I was thinking I was being original ;)

I'm guessing this isn't due for inclusion as an AutoIt built in function anytime soon then if it's been a ticket longer than I've on the forums :)

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$asdf = 'aaa bbb cc"c ddd eee'
$as = StringRegExpReplaceCallback($asdf , "aaa|bbb|ccc" , "upper")
MsgBox(0 ,"Callback?", $as)

Func StringRegExpReplaceCallback($string , $pattern , $callback)
    Return StringReplace(Execute('"' & StringRegExpReplace(StringReplace($string , '"' , "\x22") , $pattern , StringFormat('" & %s("\0") & "' , $callback)) & '"') , "\x22" , '"')

Func upper($text)
    Return StringUpper($text)

This works just fine for my scripts ;)

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Hmm, your original version fails if the string and search pattern have double quotes in them, and you want to search for or manipulate the quote characters. That happens because they are being replaced before making it to the callback function. I've come up with a solution that requires an intermediate function to handle it.

Func StringRegExpReplaceCallback($sString , $sPattern , $sCallback)
    ; replace quotes in pattern and string with Chr(26) (non-printing ASCII character) before running the SRERep
    ; then change back any remaining Chr(26)'s to quotes before returning the final string
    Return StringReplace(Execute('"' & StringRegExpReplace(StringReplace($sString, '"', Chr(26)), StringReplace($sPattern, '"', Chr(26)), StringFormat('" & _intSRECallback("${0}", "%s") & "', $sCallback)) & '"'), Chr(26), '"')

Func _intSRECallback($sString, $sCallback)
    ; intermediate callback: replace Chr(26) in matches with quotes again so the user callback has unaltered text to work with
    ; this all happens during the Execute() statement, so we don't need to change remaining quotes back to Chr(26) before returning
    Return Call($sCallback, StringReplace($sString, Chr(26), '"'))

Func _callback($s)
    Return StringUpper($s)

Func _callback2($s)
    Return StringReplace($s, '"', "Z")

ConsoleWrite(StringRegExpReplaceCallback('aa"a bbb cc"c ddd', 'cc"c', "_callback") & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite(StringRegExpReplaceCallback('aa"a bbb cc"c ddd', 'cc"c', "_callback2") & @CRLF)

I have no idea how well this works in terms of performance versus some of the other solutions. It may be very one-liner ish, but looks like it could be pretty slow.

Edited by wraithdu
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Well if you or I want to use Chr(26) in a string for some crazy reason, then we have to go back and rewrite Au3Int as well.

I had a funny feeling that would be the reply. I even remember why I chose chr(26)... When I looked at an ascii table they called the character "SUB (substitute)", so I figured that this is exactly what it was for ;)

Chr(26) is the "CTRL-Z" code of ASCII/ISO646 keyboards

Not sure if that means that Chr(26) actually has a use... :)

I could (in theory) do it with Au3Int, but it would be a big bit of work... I reckon it's a case of writing a new function called _Au3Int_CommaSplit that splits on valid commas (without character changing) rather than replacing invalid ones. That is ultimately what the function does (eventually). That would work. The only problem is I'm getting lost just trying to find where we use the comma strip routine :P

To prove a point I'm going to do it (if I can).

Edit: I think we were being a bit stupid not to do this in the first place ;) (Line 77+)

    $asParams = StringSplit($sLine, ",")

    ; Undo the comma strips:
    For $i = 1 To $asParams[0]
        $asParams[$i] = StringReplace($asParams[$i], Chr(26), ",")
Edited by Mat
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