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beginner here help with scite

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my friend help me make this, well really not a friend someone that I just met. I read this and kinda understand it under WinWaitActive he had Game name so he told me to put whatever it was in task manager under process's in there so i did......The C40R.exe but when i try to use the hotkey f1 in game it doesnt work unless i click on the desktop to start it and pause it, I kinda need help on making it work on the game instead of clicking on desktop,

The other thing i been searching, is it possible to use autoit for picking up range, i want to increase the range of picking up items in the current spot of the character, because the game i play you pretty much have to be right on top of the item to pick it up..... any help would be greatly appreciated

$milliseconds = 4000
Opt('SendKeyDelay', 100)
$time = TimerInit()

HotKeySet("{V}" , "Pause" ) ; Change or leave the key to what you want
$Paused = True

Func end() ; sends spacebar
    WinWaitActive("C40R.exe") ; Look in Task Manager to get the exact name
        Send('{SPACE}', $milliseconds) ; sends the spacebar for 4 seconds every 100 millseconds
    Until TimerDiff($time) > $milliseconds
    Opt('SendKeyDelay', 100)
    $time = TimerInit()

While 1
    end()  ; loops the function

Func Pause() ; Pauses your Looter till you press your Hotkey again
    $Paused = Not $Paused
        While $Paused
            ToolTip('Paused', 691, 325)


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