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Save File from Folder With Variable Name

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Hi guys ,

i need to save files from folder with variable name .

For example:


from c:\mydirectory\myfolder_Tom\*.* to c:\windows\destination folder

the problem is folder name (myfolder_Tom) , becouse i can have same folder but with different name

from c:\mydirectory\myfolder_Jerry\*.* to c:\windows\destination folder

My question is , could i make a little script to copy all in this way ?

from c:\mydirectory\myfolder_*\*.* to c:\windows\destination folder

Please , help me with link , code or other suggestion

Thank so much for your collaboration



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Heres a little start, that might help you begin.

Global $aUsers[2] = ["myfolder_Tom", "myfolder_Jerry"] ; Array of user folders


Func _MyCopyFunction($aNames)
    Local $sPath = "c:\mydirectory\" ; Your path
    For $i = 0 To UBound($aNames) -1 ; 0 to amount of user folders in array
        _DoSomethingWith($sPath & $aNames[$i]) ; process your folder

Func _DoSomethingWith($sUserpath)

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Another way, using a wildcard to search for the folders:

#include <File.au3>

$sSrc = "c:mydirectory"
$sSearch = "myfolder_*"
$sDest = "c:\windows\destination"
$aDirs = _FileListToArray($sSrc, $sSearch, 2) ; 2 = Folders only
For $n = 1 To $aDirs[0]
    DirCreate($sDest & "\" & $aDirs[$n])
    DirCopy($sSrc & "\" & $aDirs[$n], $sDest & "\" & $aDirs[$n], 1)


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Good morning guys .

all work fine....thank for that !!

and if possible last help

how to rename this folder ( with variable name ) in to other name


from c:\windows\Myfolder x to c:\windows\duke

x is the variable

Thank so much


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