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How to handle different behavior if user can/can't escalate privileges with #RequireAdmin?

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I would like to run my AutoIt script in two scenarios with different behaviour:

i) With #RequireAdmin

ii) Without #RequireAdmin if user can't escalate privileges.

a) How can I do that since the RequireAdmin affects the .exe manifest?

:graduated: And also how can I verify if the user can escalate privileges?

I was thinking in packing two exes for (a), but don't know how to do (:(. There is other way to accomplish it?



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IsAdmin() maybe.

I don't think so. If you haven't escalated privileges it returns false. And if the script was compiled with #RequireAdmin it can't run without Admin privileges.

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I had it in my head that this would work.

If IsAdmin() Then

While 1

Of course though, it does not.

The operating system already handles this with the manifest level "highestAvailable" - so use this in your script:


It will prompt for admin if the user can give it, otherwise it will run as a regular user. Will also selectively display the shield. (#RequireAdmin relaunches as admin, so it does not display the shield).

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