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Sleep Function

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I just found out that when you use:


This results in sleep defaulting to 10ms. Is there a way around this??

Is there a way to sleep for only 1ms? Like maybe something like this:

$Timer = TimerInit()
    $a = TimerDiff($Timer)
Until $a = 1

Anyone have any ideas/knowledge on this?



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Maybe this helps? Time to Thousandths of a second<br><br>Here's another thread that may help..

Awesome! That works.

For what it's worth, since I don't need micro seconds, i found that this actually worked:


Func SleepLocal($time)
    $a = TimerInit()
        $b = TimerDiff($a)
    Until $b >= $time

But thanks a ton! I am saving that microsecond thing it could be super useful!

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