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Looking for a Form Style suggestion

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OK, I had a bunch of QTP test scripts that I needed to fire off... I needed to allow the user to choose which ones to actually run, and how many iterations of each that to run.

All the coding is done, and it works well...

But here's the problem... there were 87 test cases, spread over 10 catagories.

So, used the GUI tool to design a 10 tab app with all the tests spread as required among them... Checkbox to select, number spinner to select iterations... nice

Problem solved


Turns out that this tool will need to be modified every Sprint(2 weeks)... adding/deleting tests, bumping up to over 150 tests sometimes, and down to 30ish other times

PLUS... I will not be the coder... that task will move down the foodchain

So, I have a problem... Modifying the code THAT extensivly is not a good option, especially for a "newbie"

I have an alternative idea... a simpler GUI with say... 10 dropdowns, each matched to a spinner...

User can select any test from the dropdown, and spin to the number of iterations...

downside: a user can only select up to 10 tests at a time

Upside - to change the app, all I need to do is change the array that the dropdown is filled from (I would have to get creative with the calling routines, but heck... I am a big boy.... if I do it right, the array will have all I need to do the calling)

Here is my question... Is there a better way?


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I have never skinned a cat, so not so sure this will help you, but could you not use an INI file and just let the 'newbie' add keys and/or values to update the dropdown list via array?

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Yes, but I am actually asking about something more... fundamental...

Is there a better way to ask for the input...

A good way to allow a user to select x copies of y entries, in Z order...

PS: "There is more then 1 way to skin a cat" is an americanism for ... there are many ways to do something, while accomplishing the same goal.

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