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Help for nagivate function in IE object

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My autoit code follows:


$include <IE.au3>


$header="Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" & @CRLF



$oIE.Navigate("http://somewhere.com/post", 0, "", $packingArray, $header)

Func PackingPostData($postcontent)


Local $pack[$count]

For $i=1 To $count

$ch=StringMid($postcontent, $i, 1)

If $ch=" " Then $ch="+"



Return $pack



But the tracking result is, the post data is nonmeanful characters.

Can anyone kindly tell me the right $packingArray?

Thank you!

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My packingPostData is modified from Vb (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/167658) as follows:

Private Sub PackBytes(ByteArray() As Byte, ByVal PostData As String)

iNewBytes = Len(PostData) - 1 ' Get rid of the null termination

If iNewBytes < 0 Then

Exit Sub

End If

ReDim ByteArray(iNewBytes)

For i = 0 To iNewBytes

ch = Mid(PostData, i + 1, 1)

If ch = Space(1) Then

ch = "+"

End If

ByteArray(i) = Asc(ch)


End Sub

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Its customary to give a brief desciption of what you code is supposed to do.


For $i=0 To $count

Also look at

_INetExplorerCapable() UDF function

Length(0 To $count) = $count + 1

_INetExplorerCapable() uses: 1 To $count

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here's the function you're translating with extra explanations, and a little condensing

Private Sub PackBytes(ByteArray() As Byte, ByVal PostData As String)'sub is passed an array of bytes, and a string
'condensing the next 4 lines to one that does the same thing as the only way newbytes will be less than 0 is if the len of Postdata is 0
If Len(PostData)>0 Then iNewBytes = Len(PostData)-1 Else Exit Sub
      ReDim ByteArray(iNewBytes)'why take an array as a parameter and then destroy it's data with a redim?
      Replace(PostData," ","+")'the condition in the loop is unnecessary when you can do it all at once
      For i = 0 To iNewBytes'now the loop just does one thing that is adds the ascii value of the character at each position to the array
      ch = Mid(PostData, i + 1, 1)
       ByteArray(i) = Asc(ch)
    End Sub'then it's done

so if i were to do this in autoit...

func PackBytes($PostData);silly to bring in an argument then destroy it's value, so will just make my own inside to make the function monadic
If StringLen($PostData=0) Then Exit Func
$PostData=StringReplace($PostData," ",Chr(43));spaces are pluses
$ByteArray=StringToAsciiArray($PostData);array of ascii values from your string
End Func

***edit*** forgot to have the exit if length is 0 condition in the translation, so it went from 4 lines to 5

Edited by cameronsdad

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Just find a decrisption in IE UDf

till now, autoit can not post data with IE object.

Thank JohnOne and cameronsdad for your attention.

; Name...........: __IENavigate

; Description ...: ** Unsupported version of _IENavigate (note second underscore in function name)

; ** Last 4 parameters insufficiently tested.

; ** - Flags and Target can create new windows and new browser object - causing confusion

; ** - Postdata needs SAFEARRAY and we have no way to create one

; Directs an existing browser window to navigate to the specified URL

; Parameters ....: $o_object - Object variable of an InternetExplorer.Application, Window or Frame object

; $s_Url - URL to navigate to (e.g. "http://www.autoitscript.com")

; $f_wait - Optional: specifies whether to wait for page to load before returning

; 0 = Return immediately, not waiting for page to load

; 1 = (Default) Wait for page load to complete before returning

; $i_flags - URL to navigate to (e.g. "http://www.autoitscript.com")

; $s_target - target frame

; $spostdata - data for form method="POST", non-functional - requires safearray

; $s_headers - additional headers to be passed

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